I am an avid reader now, but not so long ago

When I was in school I was admonished because I read so slow.


(OK perhaps by not mentioning it was a very, very long time ago I am being remiss....

Just remember time is let’s get on with this!)


For many years I didn’t read, you might say to reading I was averse

I’m reading again, still slowly, but I now see it as a blessing not a curse.


When you open a book you never know what the author has in store

Will there be drama, comedy, mystery or perhaps a little something more.


If you see a book as only words on paper...that makes them seem so bland

I see those words as stepping stones into another land.


From the comfort of my bed or chair the adventure doth begin

For once I turn a page I can visit places I’ve never been


I can journey to exotic lands, witness untold beauty so sublime...

It’s even possible in a book to go traveling through time.


I can help solve difficult cases, know what’s lingering behind that door

I can feel the joy of love when it emerges, or the horrors of a war.


Where else can you travel the globe and experience such wonderful panoramas

All from the safety of your home while still in your pajamas?


Which brings me back to reading slowly, if I can travel from the present to the past,

From one world to the next, why would I want to read fast?


No, I prefer to take my time for it is my long range plan

Once I find a great book, to linger there as long as I can.


So to those teachers who said I read too slow, you were right but there’s an upside


In slowing down the joy lasts longer and I definitely enjoy the ride.

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