velvet death kiss*


I am broken

Ive come here to find you missing again.


where do you go when you dont want to know?

are you on another guest list?

have you finished what you started?

is guilt carving a new idea?


you were never man enough to handle your own truth

let alone mine. I saw it all in an apparition.


are the family ties I am surrounded by

becoming my fans or my spies?


I am finding things new everyday

I want to share but you stay away.


i am a big girl now and I can face it all on my own

I never needed anyone, Ive always been alone.


poppy seeds in orange cake

vanilla beans in coffee skies

searching for my meaning in life


a cafe poem spitting out the truth

and cutting down the liesl.


respectfully yours,

though I dont think I give a damn any more.


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God, ssmoothie, you always

God, ssmoothie, you always capture me, even when I'm uncertain about what I'm reading. Perhaps, I'm just one of your biggest fans. I love Raw....


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Enviable Lines

Family ties as fans or spies? Just blow me away. There is sooooo much inside that line that hit me as personal. How'd U no? Ah, you nailed me again. How'd U do't? Smoothly - Lady A~~