The Hidden Holiday Truth

I travel back to that familiar place

Through the old country roads and hidden path

Past the vast wide open space

Forgetful of the owner's wrath


Blend back in to fit the crowds

Hiding from their judgemental stares

I've come so far beyond the clouds

To notice their snide comments and glares


Hardly came through my trials alive

But now I must travel back home

Hoping to glide past it all and thrive

Knowing all to well I've returned to the dome


Back to a land where it's hard to see

And no one seems to care

But still being who I'm meant to be

Without noticing how many stop and stare


At this girl, whose come so far

While many hope she'll trip and fall

Reach through her scars to glimpse the star

In this game of life, can she win at all?

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