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and cue music... girl enters stage left tripping over her own feet, tapdances clumsily across the stage, drops her cane, as she bends over to pick up the cane, her tophat falls off and her pants split up the back... girl quickly retrieves cane while covering her own ass, leaving the tophat where it lay... "Let me entertain you, Let me make you smile"...

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Hunter! A man who knew his responsibility as a journalist and a human being and that he had only a finite amount of time in which to translate what he witnessed (and the part he played in it) into words… work in me, on me, around me and through me... my pen is yours...
Ah Will, my heart belongs to you but my pen belongs to Hunter...
Dave, you raised the bar on LOVE and I ain't never goin' back... it is always & ever my endeavor to be the dreamgirl you're singin' about... tell me again to touch my lips just so you know...
Dearest Jo, I bow low to your skill as a weaver of spell-binding tapestries...
To Terence McKenna, you blew my mind and may it never return to its former confines... IQ points, mind-expansion & boundary-dissolution all just for listening... Bargain!
To Tyrion Lannister, Finest Talker in all the 7 Kingdoms - someday I hope to meet with somebody who gets the "jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel" joke... until then here's one for you - A monk and a prostitute walk out of a bar. The monk turns to the woman and says "The Flying Lotus will cost you a hundred bucks but Enlightenment is free"... ;D
S.E.Hinton, you spoiled me for Romantical heroes sending me on an exhaustive (and sometimes even downright dangerous) search for the tough-guy with a tender-heart...
Dr. Seuss, author of the first book I ever read, writer of rhymes both pure & simple and also beyond all reasoning, you scrambled my sensibilities sufficiently at just the right milestone... Thank You for that;)
Finally, lastly and most importantly, to my father, who instead of spending happy hour down at the beergarden with the guys on Friday nights, came home, scooped me up and carried me to the library... a date he kept for all the years of my girlhood...


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