Another Page

Another page in my journal, another day in the world,

Going at it alone, fine, shitty days of the past and present swirled,

I message 30 girls online, get 5 to respond with phone numbers,

Then nothing happens, the little heart in my chest slumbers,

I get up, my online profile collects dust,

I sit down, masturbate so my penis doesn’t rust,

Now it’s sore, tender, annoying,

For a relationship, evidently I’m cloying,

When I want it, sex is terribly underrated,

When I do it, after it’s done, it’s terribly overrated,

Worry about diseases,

Herpes contained in one of her sneezes?

Respect her less because she let me in so soon?

Should I be sick or should I swoon?

Well, I cover my bases and do both,

I can leave or date you, but either way I’m loath,

I’m not doing anything with my life, not sure how I feel about that yet,

Life is a buffet, but I’m sitting at home in front of an empty dinette,

Fine, I prefer that, tired of buying dinners without a thank you,

Like you’re a princess, yes, like a bratty child I want to spank you,

Right across the face, let you know you’re easy to replace,

But you’re not, unfortunately for me we both know it,

With relationships I’m like a dirty whore’s mouth, I always blow it,

Another bitch session recorded,

Another part of me died, shut down, locked up and boarded…

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