‘Excellence and Exemplary’ people rarely complement,

As everyone likes to stamp their class,

Vying for the 'top spot' is always on the cards;

No doubt, each one wants to emerge on top!


‘Children’ aren’t exceptions as they do like to prove their metal;

Even the slightest semblance of neglect, hurt them the most;

All attention and appreciation they like to be bestowed on them,

If not, they feel as if their world has been lost!


‘Youngsters’ are the ones, who vie to be ‘Number One’,

Even in ‘Love and Lust’ they try to establish themselves;

Unless they prove their prowess and stamp their authority,

They aren’t satisfied, as they think; they have a point to prove!


‘Middle Aged’ are the ones, who are careful to the core,

For they think their confidence runs sky-high;

They do everything by themselves and to their families,

They look confident enough to create their own world!


‘Oldies’ are the meak, who are possessive and scared of death;

Their minds seem to suspect even the most genuine of the lot;

Their ‘Age and Strength’, though a mighty, irrecoverable loss;

They fail to redeem themselves and sink along, fearing the worst!


Man!  You have a point to prove! So accomplish it fast;

No matter, you are young or old, there is no stopping it;

Unless you lead a virtuous life of honesty and truthfulness,

Society doesn’t approve of your ‘Stamp of Class’!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shortcomings and fears of human beings at different stages and how they struggle to establish themselves to stamp their class.


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Very very true Respected Mr Ben

Very very true Respected Mr Ben.A good write as already certified by Respected & esteemed nightlight1220. Yesterday night I was watching a live presentation of awards to 25 successful Indians from NDTV.Among them were film actors,scientists,industrialists,writers,musicians & so on.All of them were past 40 and some quite old. Some of them gave short talks (a minute or so maybe less) and took awards from Hon'ble President of India .As I watched the show.. I pondered at my own status as compared to them.BTW their age was no matter.Finally I labelled myself as a crawly,slimy earthworm feeding on muck & ending up as fish bait.Not many people have illustrious careers.Those who have have worked really really hard for it. Not a lottery jackpot. So my Dear Respected Ben my friend you and me are the fortunate few to be able to afford two square meals a day + a reasonably fair shelter and reasonably fair clothes to wear.Maybe we are not crorepatis but we have much more.Just look around Sir at the less fortunate ones & I'm certain you must feel happier and out of your doldrums of despondency.Lose yourself Sir in a book,film or a game & you'll feel as light as rain.Sorry if I gave you undue sermons.Real values never ever dwindle and so does moral science rule always.



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Mr. Bishu,

So nice to have your comments on what I write. It's my pleasure to read and enjoy your writing as well as your comments.  Hardly people speak about real values and how to go about it in life.  Yet, some do care without bothering about what the end result is.  I do play a lot of chess and other games as and when I find time.  It's winter and the Christmas season has begun.  Spring is not that far!


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So true, Ben, and I love the

So true, Ben, and I love the sarcasm in this piece. If people lived their own truth and loved themselves for what they are, they would know no one has anything to prove to anyone. Just live and love. Be a good person!!


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Got your point "If people lived their own truth and loved themselves for what they are, they would know no one has anything to prove to anyone"  Just live and let others live peacefully!  But then, at times if you don't prove your point when it comes to proving it, people side line you.  Thanks for the valuable point.  I suppose you have proved your point!