What happened to how we felt?
Did it all just get up and melt?  
Was it just a fumble? 
Or will we really crumble? 
So many questions.  
Always forgetting to mention.  
How much I love you.  
It's long overdue.  
But when I think.  
You're my missing link.  
The silent cries of one another.  
Not being there to comfort each other.  
Teardrops caught by our pillows.  
Us laying there like willows.  
I know that I need you.  
You know you're my boo. 
I was always your angel. 
We were astonishingly parallel. 
I knew you loved me.  
Though a strange couple were we. 
The feeling of being alone.  
Travels straight to the bone. 
In my heart, burns a fire.  
Anger, love, and desire.
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