One of my favorite attributes of children, when I see it I feel blessed,

Is the enthusiastic, unbridled innocence with which they all possess.


A child will sing uninhibitedly before he realizes there’s a song.

A child will dance spontaneously whenever music comes along.


A child will draw upon a canvas before she realizes it’s a wall.

A child will climb as high as she can before she knows that she can fall.


A child will run around naked before he realizes there is shame.

And until we teach them differently a child treats everyone the same.


A child will stick her finger anywhere before she knows that thinking’s flawed.

A child will marvel at the heavens before she knows there is a God.


A child will play with a ray of light before he realizes there’s a sun

A child will attempt to pull a trigger...before he realizes it’s a gun.


Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook 173 more children have died by guns

Never again to run around naked or play in the rays of the sun.


Never again to sing, or dance, or draw upon a wall

Never again to marvel at the Heavens, to climb up high, or fall.


These 173 individual cases are everywhere we look

Each tragic death of a child is someone’s Sandy Hook.


Each loss of life...of innocence makes us want to stand up, scream and yell

For we all know with each death our innocence is lost as well.


There are solutions to this we all know

For Heaven’s sake when we needed it we found a cure for Polio!


It’s up to us to help assure our children will survive.

It’s up to us to help ensure their innocence will thrive.


Until we do we’ll continue to grieve but our grieving will be for nought


As we try to explain to our children why their innocence is shot.

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