Monthly Archive for February 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
.Resounding Man. Poem kiss_yo_luck Beauty Feb 1st
REUNION Poem emmenay 1 Feb 1st
A New Note Poem Avantgarde Feb 1st
Dangerous Woman Poem Avantgarde Feb 1st
Just a Thought Poem Avantgarde Feb 1st
D & R Poem indian_princess 1 Feb 1st
Red and Blue and Black and Green Poem Avantgarde Feb 1st
Eulogy Poem thelohaspiral Feb 1st
ONE TEAR IS FOR THE MEMORY Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Feb 1st
FEBRUARY BLUES Poem emmenay 1 Feb 1st
God's promise Poem randyjohnson religion Feb 1st
SHE HAS RETURNED Poem emmenay 1 Feb 1st
BAREFOOT WOMAN Poem mhippychick 4 Acceptance Feb 1st
Signs Poem angelprinzcess Depression Feb 1st
Candlemas Evil Poem dblackthorne Celebrations Feb 1st
haters Poem mylovep0etry 1 Feb 1st
How does it feel.....? Poem xephornite Feb 1st
Untitled -- 2.1.2009 Poem carousel_love Feb 1st
blink until it burns Poem blissfully_yours Feb 1st
Innocence Stolen Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 2nd
Monopoly Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 2nd
Living Water Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 2nd
The World as I Know It- Chapter 12 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 2nd
Despite the Enemy Poem Avantgarde Feb 2nd
Near Death Experience Poem dancer Feb 2nd
Bathhouse Lovers Poem dancer Feb 2nd
The World as I Know It- Chapter 13 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 2nd
Undecided Poem naushin84 1 Feb 2nd
Slow Dance Poem s3xy_sheep 1 Reality Feb 2nd
I AM I Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Feb 2nd
I lost myself Poem mhippychick Abuse Feb 2nd
THE BITCH IS BACK Poem mhippychick 1 Abuse Feb 2nd
SEAGULL Poem kiwi Nature/Environment Feb 3rd
Train Windows Poem life_used_to_be... Feb 3rd
YOU ARE Poem unseen_treasure Feb 3rd
My Shepherd Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 3rd
Escape Train Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
If you could look Poem christianpoetry... Feb 3rd
A Wave Goodbye! Poem nickkler Existence Feb 3rd
Quandary of Subsistence Poem nickkler Feb 3rd
Surrender Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Fear Feb 3rd
LOOK TO FIND A REASON TO BELIEVE??? Poem ltsaunders Feb 3rd
To Write Poems Of Nothing... Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Abstract Feb 3rd
Confuse Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
Beg What You Wanted Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
Old Friend Angel (For Angela) Poem faerie_ophelia love Feb 3rd
The Lord’s Prayer Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 3rd
Burned Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 3rd
Comet Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 3rd
A MAN OF POTENTIAL Poem truedreams Feb 3rd
RAWR Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
Bull Shit Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
Building Under Construction Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
My Favorite Twilight Quotes Poem trix Feb 3rd
Covered in Lies Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 3rd
Wishing Well Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 3rd
Billy And The Rapture Poem soloiq 1 Feb 3rd
bliss Poem jaela Feb 3rd
All that which I Envy Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Pain/Sorrow Feb 3rd
If you could look Poem geneconner2008 Feb 3rd
Let You Go Poem maddiejace Feb 3rd
أثر الصحراء في نشأة الشعر العربي وتطوره /د. حمد بن ناصر Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
مناقشة رواية " امرأة بين الرجال / الناقد مجهول " Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
Nothing Important Poem anexod Feb 3rd
الـــوردة Poem shamasnah Abstract Feb 3rd
قراءة في قنديل أم هاشم Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الأدب والسياسة Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
سبعين بازوليني ـ روما Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
المعراج النبوي وأثره في الشعر الفارسي Poem shamasnah Abstract Feb 3rd
رباعيات الضاحك الباكي / صلاح جاهين Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
التجديد العروضي الغنائي في شعر الموشحات الأندلسية ــ Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
فن المقالة الكاتب مجهول Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
من الق الكريستال Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الشعراء الرديئون Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الاذن المدرّبــة Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
اليوت وأثره علي عبد الصبور والسياب -محمد شاهين Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
+Happy Birthday+ (for Isi) Poem x_falling_to_pi... Feb 3rd
+Liefde+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... Feb 3rd
الحرية المفقودة والإبداع Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
كيفَ تكونُ أديباً ؟/الكاتب مجهول Poem shamasnah Abstract Feb 3rd
حضور الأندلس في الأدب الفلسطيني الحديث Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
حضور الأندلس في الأدب الفلسطيني الحديث Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
البيان والبيان المضاد Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
عن الوزن والايقاع Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الشعر والموسيقي Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الشعر بين العقل والجنون Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الشاعر / لا اعرف كاتبها Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
الترجمة : الامكان والاستحالة Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
كشف الغمة في مدح سيد الأمة ‘... Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
حضور الأندلس في الأدب الفلسطيني الحديث Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
طور مهارتك في الكتابة Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
زمان الوصل Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
رباعيات الخيام Poem shamasnah Feb 3rd
Perhaps Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
Control Yourself Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 4th
Last Call Poem katyo3 Feb 4th
(Song) Dreams Poem bountyhunter0001 Reality Feb 4th
not done just barely started Poem brokenangel17 Feb 4th
untitled # ? Poem kiddo_catastrophe Feb 4th
So lonely and betraid Poem nickkler Feb 4th
In the Case of: The Lamb vs The Lion Poem kick.ass.lass Feb 4th
Anything You Want(edit) Poem lyrycsyntyme Culture/Society Feb 4th
101 Billion Ways to End This Shit. Poem kick.ass.lass Feb 4th
Jakarta Poem anexod Feb 4th
split personalities Poem ruth_x_less Feb 4th
Just Recycle Us Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 4th
Fight to Survive Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 4th
Now it's too Late Poem MatthewWayne 1 Political Feb 4th
Not Coming Back Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
Bought Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
december 08 Poem voighdt Feb 4th
Men Poem blissfully_yours Feb 4th
Break My Heart So I Can Find Something Better Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
If It's True Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
Mis... Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
Destruction is So Beautiful Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
Measuring Happiness Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 4th
My...How He's Making Me Feel Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 4th
The middle Poem ozzypoemgirl Feb 4th
Religiosity Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 4th
Frankenstein. Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 5th
Halle’s Latest Progenies Poem greenmeadow Pets/Animals Feb 5th
The Game Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 5th
O. crocata Poem rbpoetry death Feb 5th
It's Lion's Story and He's Sticking to It. Poem kick.ass.lass Acceptance Feb 5th
A letter to God Poem unseen_treasure Feb 5th
Goosebumps Poem pixie_83 Sensualality Feb 5th
Inner Child Poem pixie_83 Hope Feb 5th
Life's Weaving Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
Soulmate 25 Poem xephornite 2 Feb 5th
Untitled Jan 18 2009 Poem pixie_83 Abuse Feb 5th
Eyes Are Red From The Tears I Shed Poem darkness 1 Betrayal Feb 5th
Wafaa Poem naushin84 Feb 5th
Alone!! Poem naushin84 1 Feb 5th
+My Silence+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... Feb 5th
+What Gives You The Right?+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... Feb 5th
(Song) Greed Poem bountyhunter0001 Feb 5th
In Regard To Regarding Your Regards Poem thelohaspiral Feb 5th
november 08 Poem voighdt Feb 5th
Much More In Store Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 5th
Tomorrow Never Comes Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
Quarantined Poem ruth_x_less Feb 5th
What Am I To Do? Poem hatchling 1 Lost love Feb 5th
Pollination Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
L-I-F-E Poem greenmeadow Life/Living Feb 5th
Minor Mumbles Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
Bare Minimum Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
If only... Poem angeldust2007rock Lust Feb 6th
Reiteration to Obliteration Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
When A Mind Wonders Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
Much Rhyme, No Reason Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
GUS GUS THE HIPPOPOTAMUS Poem trivking64 Children Feb 6th
A BEAUTIFUL TAPESTRY REVEALED Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 6th
A Lifestyle Chosen Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
Melodic Memories, Take Me Down Poem johnnythm_777 Feb 6th
Where the Road Begins. Poem darkness Abstract Feb 6th
Don't Poem darkness 1 Dark Feb 6th
Because I Am Better Than You Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 6th
See My Heart and Mind First Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 6th
"Multiverse" Poem The1TrueMojo Feb 6th
"Twelve Past" Poem The1TrueMojo Bizarre Feb 6th
If this is the last I see of you Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Goodbye Feb 6th
Don't Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 6th
Not One Word Poem exkaijadesatiro 2 Lost love Feb 6th
Aquamarine Poem 9inety Feb 6th
When... Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 6th
Locked Away Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 6th
I'd Never Know Poem dyingpoetkr Feb 6th
Cake Poem dyingpoetkr Feb 6th
New Era Poem margherit Feb 6th
Witches and Folklore Poem doktoravalanche Feb 6th
Sleepless Poem margherit Feb 6th
You Poem margherit Feb 6th
Billy Wrote a Poem Poem soloiq Feb 6th
Friend Poem dyingpoetkr 3 Feb 6th
Connected Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Lost love Feb 6th
one man woman Poem elle_graw 1 Feb 7th
The damned Poem spacecowboy Feb 7th
Dead Inside Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 7th
Don’t Look Back Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Feb 7th
Odin Poem strangelittleboy Feb 7th
Barbie, Fifty not out. Poem bendergender Feb 7th
Suroy-suroy Poem bluewave 1 Feb 7th
Karma Poem blissfully_yours Feb 7th
Matud Nila Poem bluewave 1 Feb 7th
Homeless Poem bluewave 1 Feb 7th
It's Him, No It's Me Poem desigre 3 Breaking Up Feb 8th
marry me Poem catherine Feb 8th
And Forget Poem anexod 1 Feb 8th
02-03 Crossroad Kitchen Poem VulcanJedi 1 Fate/Destiny Feb 8th
Free Poem dyingpoetkr 2 Feb 8th
secret Poem angelous 1 Dark Feb 8th
The Raven Poem darkness 1 Abstract Feb 8th
01-31 Unique Poem VulcanJedi 1 Reality Feb 8th
A Waste of Time Poem solovely07 Fury Unleashed Feb 8th
02-01 Bitterwood Blossoms Poem VulcanJedi 1 Nature/Environment Feb 8th
02-04 Circumvention Smile Poem VulcanJedi 1 Culture/Society Feb 8th
02-02 Superman Waits for the Red Carpet Poem VulcanJedi 1 Heroism/Heroes Feb 8th
Death of an unborn child Poem nickkler Feb 8th
My Death Walks Beside Me Poem fallingfeather death Feb 8th
councel Poem angelous Awakening Feb 8th
no cure Poem ruth_x_less Feb 8th
Last Picture Poem shawon1982 3 youth Feb 8th
memories Poem spacecowboy 2 Feb 8th
Quiero Estar Contigo Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Feb 8th
the memory still lives! Poem angelous 1 Lost love Feb 8th
I Want To Be With You Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Feb 8th
At The Home Of Theophilus Poem Starward History/Past Feb 8th
Bryan Adams Lyric Poem Poem nat_w_dogg Feb 9th
faith "how i met angel" Poem angelous Danger Feb 9th
Shout Poem darkness Betrayal Feb 9th
I Can't See This! Poem twisted_whisperer 1 Feb 9th
"An Angels Grace" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
Broken from the Start Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 9th
"Eternal Harmony Of Paradise" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
"Angels Gather In The Brace Of Tomorrow" Poem passionaterider 1 Feb 9th
Life's Ride Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 9th
icey fear Poem angelous choices Feb 9th
I Am Up At 3a.m. Poem michael Feb 9th
Lyrics Poem Poem nat_w_dogg Feb 9th
"Forever In The Middle Of Us" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
A FACT OF ABSENCE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 9th
"Finding Your Way Into Forever" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
Prismed Sunlight Poem michael Feb 9th
Hope You Realise Poem IntoTheDawn 1 Abstract Feb 9th
Sweet Daydreaming Poem 9inety Feb 9th
true pain Poem angelous death Feb 9th
Carry the Cross Poem cole060784 Feb 9th
One Hundred Shades of White Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 9th
Summer Skin Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 9th
bless me one more time (mom) Poem angelous Dark Feb 9th
~Heart To Heart~ Our Whispers Of Love(Bri and Dawn Collab) Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
'09 Bladed Memory Poem Joel Feb 9th
Yes, Ma'am! Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Feb 9th
Mourning, Alas... Poem kick.ass.lass Missing You Feb 9th
At Reprobation Poem Starward Feb 9th
The Promise Land Promises Nothing Poem life_used_to_be... Feb 9th
Seasons of my Soul Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 9th
v-day "angel" Poem angelous Lost love Feb 9th
Path of Blood Poem darkness Abstract Feb 9th
Burning Poem darkness Dark Love Feb 9th
"In The Pour Of Tomorrow's Scriptures" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
"The Gift Of Grace" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
The Storm Poem darkness 1 Haiku Feb 9th
This Life of Mine Poem darkness Abuse Feb 9th
Fallen Poem darkness Other Feb 9th
Tree of Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 9th
"Möbius" Poem The1TrueMojo Feb 9th
"Between The Rain" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th
"Whispers Wrapped In Surrender" Poem passionaterider Feb 9th