I can hear the heavens calling,

Calling out for reunion.

I can hear its voice echoing

In the vastness of oblivion.

I can hear the heavens calling,

Desperately to Earth,

Seeking an end to hidden pain,

And divine separation.

And like the heavens even I

Call out to my soulmate daily,

From deep within my heart echoes,

The call for reunion.

She was snatched away from me,

By treacherous, conniving fate,

During a pause in time's cycle,

And taken beyond Orion*.

Though divinity spread its skien,

Though cosmic forces conspired,

Karma has brought  her back to me,

And soon will be reunion.

Till then she may wander about,

Struggling to break free,

Longing to be reunited,

With her lost soulmate of vision.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced in Karachi, Pakistan on 01.02.2009.
ORION: A constellation that is also known in Greek mythology as the Hunter.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

It must have given you a bit of de ja vu when I called you my you know what Orion winks! this poem really lit up my face. I get an idea now of what you were talking about when you said all that stuff about de ja vu and such. I find it odd though that you wrote this before She Has Returned. I just checked. I'd have thought it would have been the other way around. hmmm something to ponder over anyway. you know why type it? lol.