The middle

The middle

I love my parents more then I love myself,

Anybody, or anything. I would

Give my life them in a spilt

Second no contest.

But sometimes mom will

Tell me daddy didn’t send her

Money like he was suppose too

And I look  at her like when did

I become the grown up and

Her a child? She’ll say call

Your daddy and see if he mailed

The check for you

Because I don’t want to

Talk to him because we’ll

End up getting into it like we

Always do when it comes to money.

And I do like she ask  she finds

The reason isn’t that he forgot

He has a good memory

For his age so when  

She finds out that it just

Be lost she looks

Like she feels really guilty

For getting all puffy over

Something that sometimes might end up being nothing or Happen to us all one point in our lives. For reasons that might be forever unknown. I told her I’m tired of having to call my daddy and talk to him about

Things that doesn’t even concern me really

I want to be free of any drama

That has gone on

Between them

And just enjoy

The years I have

Left with my

Parents once god takes them

We don’t get anymore

Feb 4th 2009

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