he was a smart human, definitely one of the most unique,

still he will be forgotten, of him no one will speak,

his brain a separate magnificent world, and of this only i know,

to share that place, to make it glow,

dead and gone, the pages have been flipped,

danced on the edge, bound to have eventually tripped,

he loved himself, but it was always destructive,

to be set apart the easy way, much too seductive,

wanted nothing more than to stay alive, yet he caused his demise,

i smile as i remember, this irony comes as no surprise,

he wanted the world to notice, to validate his worth,

cried out before death, cried out after birth,

please be here, for i can't embody you,

only his parents will remember, how the little boy grew,

always concentrated on the ends, had trouble focusing on the journeys,

and *snap* he's gone, replaced with paperwork, ashes and attorneys,

he was so quiet, i wish all of you could have known him,


if heart were an ocean, through it he could eternally swim...

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