Snow on hills

Cold biting winds snap

Where to go, where O my heart?

City folks laugh

They have tuned themselves

To the humdrum of living.

Green boughs smile

Yet I ignore them

What is spring without Daphne!

I forget

That I too exist

As I pull darkness on me.

Dreams come

And in them she comes

Ah if sleep had not ended!

I am dazed

Yet I cannot stop

Carrying on for my needy.

Adnan* says

Go to where she is

High up there waiting for you.

I want to

But there is a chain

Which does not let go of me.

The bondage

Of body and soul

Continues to shackle me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced on the 1st of February 2009, in Karachi, Pakistan.
ADNAN*: My friend Adnan Jaffar.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I can't believe I missed this one!

This one was more so sad than poignant to me. I think everyone at one time or another has wanted to die but its a big leap to go that next step and actually attempt it. Mostly we wish to die to escape pain at least that was the way it was for me and it sounds like that was the way it was with you and now, don't you see just why that chain you wrote of was in place? You must tell me also if you see that body you are in now as a shackle still? I somehow suspect there will come a day sir when you are very glad you have that body when you meet your often mentioned Beloved Rare Woman. I'm not just another pretty face Sir Poet. I can read between your lines but truly my friend I am very happy for you and I pray both of you have a very long and very healthy loving life together and that you never ever wish to escape this life again.  again, you know who!........so why type it? smiles fondly...........