frivolous february

Everyone said we'd never make it

Turns out we made forever and a day

When I couldn't stand, you grabbed my hand

And we, stood tall and within reach

Being there with you

It's the only feeling even worth a damn

You put up a fight

You latched onto my throat that night

You said you'd beat my ass

(And I liked it.)

When we're ever out of sight

My heart beats hard, and I can barely sleep at night

And Jesus Christ can't hold a candle to my plight

That I'm leading in the search

For you

So despite everybody's words

We're both still here, and we're both happy

The drugs, these drinks, the front row seats

Are saved for us, for keeps

Everyone said we'd never even make it

But here both we are, we're both pacing it

And when the sun goes down we'll both make love

And it'll be just like we planned it

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