Dark Love



Love me until it hurts,

Youre like poison in my veins,

Youre an addiction,

I fell in love,

I fight for you,

Do I have your word?

Hold me forever,

A sweet and salty smell fills my nose,

Love me through the pain,

Dont ever tell me its over,

I promise to be there for you,

Dont give up on us,

Take my heart and hold it in your hands,

Feel it beating,

Know that this is all true,

I wont ever let you down,

I feel so numb,

Maybe I cut too deep,

It takes a moment to realise youre touching me,

Ive never felt more alone than I do now,

A feeling of freedom washes over me,

Quick sharp gasp,

How do you make me feel this way?

I crave you,

I cant run from the past,

It catches up with me eventually,

Try as I might I cant cut it out,

I feel youre haunting me,

Im addicted to the games,

Youre so beautiful,

Cold and unwavering,

Sharp and precise,

Deeper and deeper you push,

Completely under your spell,

Adrenaline rushes through me,

This thrill is intoxicating,

I never want it to end,

Each time trying to make it better than the last,

Chasing what I can never have,

Forever just out of reach,

You can go on without me,

I mean nothing to you,

All you have ever wanted is to control,

You know you have full control over me.

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Torn Love

Have you any idea how much it hurts to love you?

Do you even care?

Like a supernova exploding,

Firing off shards in all directions,

Pockmarked and scarred,

I know you dont care,

Within my dreams its never the truth,

Save me from this,

Let me go,

Love me back,

Tears fall and crash around me,

Cheeks stained,

Wake me up,

Under the scars Im raw,

Fire inside burns hot,

Scortching the flesh,

It hurts.

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Dark Love

You stuck a knife in me,

You twisted it and pulled it out,

You watched me bleed,

You enjoyed my suffering,

You couldnt have been more cruel,

You could have tried,

You poked the wound for fun,

You knew when it started healing,

You tore a gaping wound in my heart,

You laughed at my expense,

You liked the attention,

You liked being chased,

You were always going to hurt me,

You just made me blind to it,

You caused enough pain to open my eyes,

You let me slip through your fingers,

You saw my colour fade,

You drained my blood,

You caused scars,

You hurt me,

You never felt anything,

You lead me on,

You discarded me when it wasnt convenient,

You caused excrutiating pain,

You never cared,

You never said sorry and meant it,

You watched the last drop of blood,

You watched me die of a broken heart,

You are twisted,

You are cruel,

You lost me because I walked away.

Ego sum paenitet me dilexit vos

Dark Love

Did you ever care?

Did you ever feel the same way?

How much of it was real?

How much f it was lies?

You must of known I cared,

You must of known how I really felt,

I wanted to make you happy,

I wanted to show you I understood,

How could you be so cruel?

How could you not see it was hurting me?

I took a chance and trusted you,

I took a chance and let you in,

You never let me in,

You never seemed to care,

How much pain does pleasure bring?

How much pleasure does pain bring?

Why didnt you stop it?

Why did you carry on?

You hurt me in ways I never knew,

You hurt me permanently,

I have scars from you,

I have scars because of you,

I gave you a second chance,

I gave you a third chance,

You chose to burn those bridges,

You chose to burn me.


I know I need to walk away,

Tell me its over even though it never began,

Remove the spell Im under,

Let me live in peace,

My heart aches at the thought of you,

Why did I fall for you?

I let you in and you shut me out,

Only there when it was convenient for you.


I told you I wont chase you forever,

One day I will give up and walk away,

No matter how great the pain,

How much I miss your touch,

The taste of you on my lips,

Your skin against mine,

Intoxicating scent of pheremones,

The adrenaline rush,

Hearts pounding and pulses thumping,

Im going to miss it all,

But most of all,

Im going to miss you.


Ego sum paenitet me dilexit vos.

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This World

This world,

Dark and forbidding.

Swallows me up,

Like I am nothing.

But I feel safe,

Here alone,

In the dark.

Because I know,

You are always by my side.

Yes we fight,

But I love you more and more each day.

Just don’t ever leave me,

For I am afraid.

Of this world,

Leaving me broken and scarred.


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I desired to open the graves for my love,

To gather the bones for an altar.

So I could serve my love in eternity,

And His name would be preserved.


O Lord of Terror, hear me now,

I will do all in all for Thee.

My divine love, Azag,

Never leave Thy side.


Indeed I wished to honor Him,

With the bones from the graves.

To raise a gigantic totem,

Which would reach in ye Hyades.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written for Lord Azathoth (whom I prefer to call Lord Azag).

His Angel of Death

Last night The Darkness woke me from my sleep,
I was ready for my fate, prepared to forever leave.

But The Darkness puzzled me with a warm stare,
The Darkness embraced me and told me not to be scared.

The Darkness told me that he was in love,
With an angel that he once dreamt of.

He shared with me the beauty of this angel so fair,
He told me of her big green eyes and her dark brown hair.

In the midst of his story I asked him why he came to me,
He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Can't you see?"

"You are my sweet angel, but I took your wings,
I stole them long ago, so you could not fly away from me."

I shook my head "I am no angel, all I bring is pain."
"You are an angel, but for that I am to blame."

"For ages I have loved you, but you have never guessed,
Now I can have you, and for this I am blessed."

"I have followed you your entire life,
I loved you so much that I stole you from The Light."

"Your beauty made me yours, and only yours until the end of time,
I will give you your wings, if you vow to be mine."

"Let me hold you, become like me,
Embrace the dark and finally see."

Last night I began my destiny,
The Darkness finally came for me.

The life I once lived has now been put to rest,
Now that I have become His Angel of Death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It just came to me right in the middle of the night last night! LOL!

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Forever Loved

lonesome time's

We woke just to see

All the rain-becoming rivers,

Don’t go don’t run be not afraid,

Holding back my fear

To keep you calm and strong,

I will be here to hold you tight.

The waters rise to our surprise,

Leaving nothing but deep a bliss,

Holding bake with all my might

Keeping these tears out of sight,

Thinking this is our last night

But saying will make it through,

Nothing will stop us we are so true.

with my last breath i have to say

I'll love you no matter our

It is time to make our bed

Below the water so dark

Kissing our last kiss

With Death we now depart

To the space in the heavens

Just for you and me

Never letting go

My love you've

Always been forever


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my way of describing the ending of my relationship

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The girl


Give me life

Eat my flesh

My crimson stains

On your mouth

Devour the girl


Give me life

Beat my flesh

Bruises leave evidence

Of punishments

Break the girl


Give me life

Excite my flesh

My voice strains

Worship on my mouth

Pleasure the girl


Give me life

Ignite my flesh

Flames leave evidence

Of passion

Liberate the girl

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