Much More In Store

Praise God, we know there’s more, when He closes that final door,

On this dark world’s present time, as we enter a new world sublime.

Leaving behind pain and suffering, beginning our reign with a King,

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, after we’ve entered Eternal Life.

A world yet seen by earthly man, but all part of God’s Eternal Plan,

Even as this world ends for sure, one we enter will eternally endure,

Along with all entering through, the celestial portal with me and you,

All who come to a faith in God, while wanderers on this earthly sod.

All of those given eyes to see, shall have them open for all Eternity,

To see things never seen before, the things we’ll enjoy forevermore.

Not to mention we’ll never see again, the darkness of unsaved men,

As wickedness seems to preside, where the Truth of God is denied.

Not only will Christ not be denied, we’ll reign forever at Christ’s side,

Reigning with Jesus when He rules, in His Kingdom devoid of fools,

As Christ reigns and rules over all, nations of people, big and small;

Man’s reign shall be in the past, as Christ’s Kingdom will forever last.

As we look forward and anticipate, that time we enter Heaven’s Gate,

We truly know so little my friend, about the time ahead we will spend,

And for us there’s so much in store, with Eternal Life and much more,

All to be a wonder and surprise, as we see Heaven with our own eyes.

(Copyright ©02/2009)

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