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Writing (^_^) ; learning, speaking, reading, and finally writing, music of all kinds, poetry, reading (a lot and from various sources), being open-minded to everything, having an open and loving heart, having a thirst for knowledge, being silly, and making people smile which makes me happy, plus many more.

Written on June 24, 2003.

(Note 1: There are two bios. The 'mini' bio and the 'extended' bio. Choose your poison wisely. (^_~))

(Note 2: You can click on my pic to enlarge it if you want. I'm just mentioning this to everyone just in case someone has vision problems but click it when you're finished reading my detailed profile, otherwise, you'll end up losing this page. To prevent this, just hit the backspace button on your keyboard when you're done looking at my pic. Also, the following information will have some vulgar language (a total of four throughout the biography). However, they are bleeped for the sake of the reader's accomodation or whoeverso reads this. You have been warned. Reader's discretion is advised.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mini Bio:

I'm loving, balanced, resilient, helpful, civil, up-to-date, altruistic, educated, strong in the mind, body, and spirit, unbiased, assertive, pensive, fair, caring, sagacious, composed, noble, fearless, open-minded, attentive, tolerant, perspicacious, down to earth, adaptable, polished, respectful, accepting, honest, sympathetic, perceptive, endurant, outspoken in beliefs, and a non-judgemental person who truly cares if you need somebody to talk to...I'm all ears. To finalize I'm a person with a genuine "heart." I like learning, being a little silly, adore making people smile which makes me happy, absolutely, being somewhat weird but hey, isn't variety the spice of life? I can't be boring to you now can't I? And I don't intend to be boring or mindless or dull or similar to anyone but be unique from everyone. I don't like conformity because I prefer to be the individualist. I prefer to be myself. As they say, "conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth." And because I am my own person not conforming to the status quo rigid as it is, it's easier to accept others deep down for who they are regardless of race, sex, class, appearance, sex-orientation, or religion. There's too much hate in the world because many are prone to make assumptions, blindly judge others, and justify themselves as correct which, in the process, exonerates them. This is wrong definitively. Worse moreover, people can be unaware of their own actions and the negative consequences that follow. Therefore it comes full circle and the cycle starts all over again. Let's lay off and stop always judging a book by it's cover, please?

I'm a male liberal feminist (although there are far few and in between in the world. I'm rare). I'm a progressive thinker, a cultured individual, a humanitarian, an advocate for human rights and social welfare, a learned person, a cultural relativist, a modernist in terms of religion, a critical citizen yet sometimes can be apolitical, a person who accepts and understands cultural, belief, and religious plurality, a human factor optimist, and lastly a student in Life 101. There are many things about me I won't bore you with details. It's not that I'm smart. Hopefully it's not interpreted that way. In sum I guess I'm a totally compassionate person if I can do all of the above. There's no magical belief to it. And, finally as a last note, while many out there are preoccupied by trying to be 'right,' I'm more concerned with DOING what is right. Arguing that one is right can end being both selfish and juvenile under circumstance because those who do not know their opponent's arguments completely do not understand their own. If that's what you feel, to attempt to be in the 'right' position as well as be tendentious, to have an opinion, perception, thought, or bias, without considering the facts and/or circumstances, then you're none of my concern. Veritably you're just a hopeless case in your own personal growth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Extended Bio:

I'm Filipino-Bisayan American. I was born here in the U.S. When I was born, I was named after a Canadian rock singer (don't laugh people, it's not funny... Syke! Go ahead and laugh if you want. I don't care at all. I kinda wish my parents would give me a better name or thought of something better.) Do you wanna know who I'm named after? I don't know if any of you know this person but this singer is popular ever since the late 70's even to the present he's still popular. He's really popular here in the U.S. During the 80's when I was born, my Auntie Janet came up with the idea that since her favorite male singer was "this guy," I should be named the same. There, that's the story of how I was named when I was born on June 25, 1986. The Canadian rock singer's name by the way was Bryan Adams.

But just call me Bryan. Don't call me Bryan Adam. Ok?

My pseudonym I used whenever I wrote something such as poetry, it's: "Aquarimoon Dreamer." If you want to know why I came up with this name, ask me.

I definitely dislike people who can't think for themselves, who are judgemental, who are unfair, who are "unaware," who are ignorant, who are clueless, who are "brainwashed," who are "blind," who aren't respectful, who are unkind, who are pretentious, who are unsympathetic or apathetic to the human condition and to others, who oppress, who suppress, who censure, who discriminate, who cause suffering to others, who hate, who are biased, who disparage (oooh I absolutely hate this one), who only see the world "as it is" without seeing that there's more than meets the eye (procrustean), who are afraid to change for the equity and equality of others as well as for themselves, who are afraid to understand, who are afraid to reach out...

I don't blame these type of people honestly. Instead, I blame other "circumstancial" factors that caused them to be like that and not be aware of it at all...

I absolutely adore different kinds of music today. I'm open-minded to listen to them all. Yet I like classical and piano (I know, I know, you're going to say that's so typical of me. Duh!) BUT I also like Rock, Alternative, J Rock, K Rock, J Pop, K Pop, J Rap, K Rap, French, Japanese, Pinoy, Taiwanese, American, and Korean music but most of all ELECTRONICA (specifically Trance, Euro Trance, Industrial, Progressive, House, Dance, but NEVER Techno. Techno is too boring and slow. I just don't like it.) People get the wrong idea that Electronica or Trance is club music. Yes, in some respect it is but it's a GENRE of music, not club music. The reason why I love Trance so much is because it has a fast BPM (beats per minute) and to me it's sort of like "Wake Up" music. Trance interests my brain especially when you can get with the beat easily. That's all. And oh, go 16 Volt even though it sounds emo!!!

I'm a progressive thinker, a critic, a nonconformist (How many times should I say this? I've said it many times.), A MALE LIBERAL FEMINIST (readers who read this say: "WHAT!!!"), a critical citizen yet sometimes can be apolitical, a philosopher, a humanitarian, an advocate for human rights and social welfare, a truly cultured person, a modernist in terms of religion (I'm not a traditionalist nor I'm a "unaware" nor "religiously haughty" nor what religion scholars call a "rigorist" [a person who exemplifies bigotry]), a moderate secularist, a moderate person, a moderate environmentalist, an analyst, a guy who isn't afraid to appear the fool (although to an extent that my feelings won't be severely hurt), a person who is content, a person who is happy if he can make others smile and laugh or if he can brighten their day in any way possible, and an unbiased, open-minded, attentive, PERSPICACIOUS, ADAPTABLE, INTROSPECTIVE, honest, sympathetic, non-judgemental person who truly cares if you need somebody to talk to...I'm all ears. I'm a person with a genuine "heart."

I love watching movies. The movie of all time that I LOVE the most is the French film "Amelie" produced by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I highly recommend this one. My favorite horror films are "Chakushin Ari," "Ju-on" (the original Japanese movie, not the American remake), "Audition," "A Tale of Two Sisters" (this one's so good), "The Wig," "Ringu" (the original Japanese one; It's "The Ring" if you're wondering), and "Suicide Club." I also like "2009 Lost Memories," "The Princess Blade," "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance," "Old Boy," "Gun Crazy," "Gun Crazy 2," "Hero," "Azumi," "Azumi 2," "Run, Lola, Run," "The Closet," "Shinobi: Heart Under Blade," "Attack the Gas Station" (This one's hilarious, you HAVE to watch this one!), "Body Snatcher," "Now That I Have You," "Venus Beauty Institute," "3-Iron" (This one is seriously good!) "Conduct Zero," and finally "Battle Royale," and it's sequal "Battle Royale 2." All of the above mentioned were international films (French, Japanese, German, Korean, Cantonese, Thai, and Pinoy movies). Not American. The only current American film I love so far is the horror flick "Silent Hill." (Oh ya!!!) Second ranking is "V for Vendetta," "Equilibrium," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "The Corpse Bride," "The Village," and duh, of course the two Tomb Raider movies out now. Basically I like horror, comedy, international, domestic, drama movies, and movies that have a special message behind it... My included interest right now with the movies I watch are Bollywood movies. "Wow," that's all I can say with them. Even if I don't understand the language it's still "WOW!"

My favorite book to read (even though I read a lot) is the book "Winesburg, Ohio" by Sherwood Anderson. Seriously read this one if you wish. It's truly heartaching if you can understand the book well enough. My second ranking favorites is "The Eight" and "The Magic Circle" both by Katherine Neville and "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden and "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker and finally "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. But there's also authors such as Shakespeare, Huxley, McCullers, Frederic, Kertesz, Goleman, Oe, Rice, London, Hilton, Kerouac, Forestier, Hawthorne, von Goethe, Carroll, Lewis, Greatshell, (John Howard) Griffin, Rowling (yes, you heard me) and lots more...

I LOVE fishing, that's one thing I'll only reveal about my personal life. My favorite bait to use is either minnow or mudsuckers (oh ya!!!). But sardines and woodworms are okay. Or even some natural bait if I can catch it. I'm pretty good catching fish but not as good as my Dad (he has so much more experience than I can ever reach especially with his experiences in the Philippines). I truly love the outdoors and the rivers and oceans. I love water, you know. I enjoy fishing mostly by boat preferably at night (but sometimes on the shore). Often it's peaceful, calm, there's few people around, and absolutely quiet fishing at night because it takes your mind off things and all the stress in your life. Sometimes I can fish on my own by myself without anyone else and sometimes I stay fishing from the evening up until the early hours of the morning (about 2 a.m.).

A little more about myself, I'm pretty affable and openly friendly but extremely shy and introverted. The reason why I say this is because I can get shy with strangers I've never met or even people I haven't seen in a really long time, but if you give me a little time to adjust myself, I change right away and I'm open like an open book.

People often misunderstand me as a little crazy because I'm not basically a conformist conforming to the ways of the mainstream, but I like being genuinely unique from everybody. Let's face it. Okay? Besides, I prefer to call myself "The hidden jewel in the sea...," or better yet what Tennesse William's character Laura in his play "The Glass Menagerie": I'm "The Blue Rose" instead of what people think as "The problematic weed that never gave up and is determined to resist not conforming at all..."

If people had to ask who my hero was (actually it's a heroine), I would have to say (and don't laugh) LARA CROFT. Ahem. "What?" you say? My heroine is Lara Croft, a video game character? Although I don't play video games as much anymore since I don't have the time, I used to play all the Tomb Raider series and I loved it! (Damn, I wish I could play the new series that just came out. I finished up to "Angel of Darkness" and that's it. How sad...) You see, Lara Croft is adverturous, smart, strong, independent, faces any danger without any fear, she's agile, a fighter, fast, persistent, she's resilient if she's stopped by a villain, and she's British! She travels around the world (something that I aspire to do) and goes off into countless adventures on her own. She's an archeologist who has a lot of knowledge. She has pistols to shoot you down along with other firearms!!! She rides not only her motorcycle but has knowledge on driving other vehicles as well. She's an action person. What more can I say? These are qualities that I want to see in myself basically. And don't get the wrong idea that I like her ever since I started playing the first Tomb Raider installment as a kid just because she's sexy and hot. I'm not that peverted you know. (Although she does have big breasts) [the writer starts to drool a little fantasizing about her... OH! Ahem! Sorry, just kidding!!!].

However, if I had to tell who my hero/inspiration was (in real life), you'd have to see for yourself one of my poems located in one of my folders... (smiles self-conciously) Or, ask me, if you wish...

I can speak, read, and write in multiple languages some of which fluent or near fluent, others mediocre. (What, you don't believe me? Fine. I'll prove it sentence by sentence each with a different language in the following order: French, Tagalog, Japanese, German, Bisaya [my dialect], Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Spanish, and Slovakian.): Je parle en Francais tres bien mais pas courrament. / O! Ganoon? Possible si Bryan ay diyan sa dagat. / Dekiru dake hayaku shite kudasai yo. Boku wa ikitai. / Das ist Meine Schwester, ja? / Dali! Mangaon ka? Ay, taymsa po. Ganahin ka ba ng pritong itlog? / Himdara hin! Himdara hin! Annyong!!! Na-nun Bryan Adam imnidda. / Mi chiamo Bryan Adam. Tanto piacere! / Ngoh haih Feileuhtban yahn. Nihou ma? / Tanto gusto! Si! / Ztratil jsem pritele, pritelkyni!!! / and the list may go on further than this... with MORE spoken languages. I don't know why I chose to learn foreign languages but I think it's fun. Someday, I want to travel all around the world and I'll be prepared for it, I won't be some guy who can only speak English, Bisaya, Tagalog, and French having a hard time asking for help in a foreign language. How many languages I know and to what degree, I'll leave that as a secret I'll carry to my grave... Heh heh heh... As a sidenote, you'll find poetry that isn't written in English but in foreign languages, more proof that I can speak it too!!!

And because I know languages, I know how to change my accent when I speak English with an accent. For example, I have the ability to speak with a Southern accent or an English accent (either Cornwall or standard British English or even Australian) or a Pinoy accent or even a French accent!!! In addition, I can even change the pitch of my voice. Sometimes I can do a low male pitch or high pitch sounding somewhat feminine or somewhere in between depending!!! I can also do a lisp!!! Ha ha!!! So if I know your cell phone number, you may be hearing some crazy f***ing guy speaking with an accent trying to prank call you!!! Ha ha!!! LOL!!!

I love Japanese, Pinoy, Korean, Vietnamese, Hmong, Chinese, French, and American cuisine. Sometimes Hungarian or even Slovakian if I can handle it... I especially love learning Japanese, Pinoy, Korean, and American history.

My most prized possesion is both my Iai and Samurai sword. (the writer smiles...) What, you don't believe me? Come over, I'll show you... (smiles again) so that we can duel!!! Then you'll "believe" me... (smiles in anticipation).

I'm 6' 00'' (six foot flat) and have a background history in martial arts (Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kabudo), so don't even dare mess with me. Hell, don't underestimate me at all! I hate people who are all talk and all show revealing their flexing muscles and that's it. Nothing else. If you've got muscle and strength, show me you can use it!!! Otherwise don't cross me at all. Just because I don't look like a fighter or that I appear tall and lean-looking with no bulging muscles showing doesn't mean I don't know how to defend myself when need be... It doesn't mean I don't know how to defend myself if I'm threatened. I should know because I've experienced this myself. Oh, and by the way, in various, different places no matter how far, I used to participate in a lot of illegal street fighting tourname-- Uh! Er, I mean...martial arts competitions. Ya, that's right. Martial arts competitions. (the writer smiles...a little strangely...then awkward silence...).

Moving along, I also know Sai-jutsu and Bo-jutsu with my trusty Sai and Bo, another warning to all of you out there who dare mess with me! And yet another warning to you out there who think they can kick my a**, I have two swords at home and I'm not afraid to use them!

If I had to admit something embarrassing about me it's this: I was once chubby, a little fat growing up as a kid. I don't care if you laugh but at least I had the courage to admit it. But today, I can eat and eat as much as I want and I won't gain a lot of weight anymore. Yay!!! I'm not fat anymore either. Double Yay!!! Woo hoo!!!

I'm a family guy. I love my family and friends and I enjoy their company. But the thing is I can get really vicious if I find out that ANY of my friends or family is seriously hurt by someone. Take this analogy. I'm like a mother cat with her newborn kittens. Have you ever experienced seeing an angry mother cat always protecting her newborns when there's a threat? I'm like that. So if a family member or friend is hurt emotionally or if somebody beat the s*** out of them, guess what? I get mad. And when I get mad, I get "REALLY" mad. I'll come crashing down your door and thrash you about in the room (figuratively... but maybe also literally if I had to... (?)). But in terms of my family, friends, or people I know, I won't get "as" mad, usually I'm admonitory and careful with what I do.

Oh, I stand by my friends and family if need be. I got their backs you know when they need me. Oh wait! S***!!! I made myself rhyme!!!

I'm somebody who can control his emotions well but at times I cry (Hey, I'm proud of it! I have to cry when I need to. I don't want to force myself to keep it inside you know. My motto is "Tears means strength to carry on...") if my feelings are hurt. What people say I often do if my feelings are hurt, I go somewhere by myself where there's no one around and I'll cry by myself. I can hurt for a very long time so be careful with what you do to me... Try to be tactful as best as you can but don't let that restrict you from being brutally honest on some things. I know it's hard but, hey, I have to do it all the time balancing those two extremes...

People call me gentle yet strong in many ways. But people also call me crabby and moody and sulky (and that's my bad side). Some say mature (but sometimes I gotta let loose you know). At times, people believe I'm bipolar which is so wrong! The thing is I go through a lot of emotional changes. That's all. People who know me say that I'm REALLY INTELLIGENT because I just am or because I wear eye glasses which is flattering (but the thing is I wear contacts too), BUT to tell you the truth I'm not hella smart, I like to call myself "hella informed." There's a difference you know between being smart and being informed. People can be smart on some things that they work on. Even people who say they aren't smart at all are smarter and better than others in some things too. But being informed is different. Being informed means you are informed. You get your information from wherever whenever you need it. That's the distinction. That and how much effort you put to be "informed." I'm also very cultured as well. Other people regard me as a lone wolf (a loner) and other times a real friend to others (a people person). I can switch and adjust myself between being alone when I need to be and being around people easily without any trouble.

Something extra: I've been known to have a strong sense of justice and morale.

I prefer to call myself androgynous (meaning I show both masculine and feminine aspects. For example, courageous and strong for masculine. For feminine traits, kind, sympathetic, and caring.) I'm androgynous instead of what I believe as extreme and unnecessary masculine gendered roles and ideology because I'm a guy. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, learn something out of the social sciences specifically sociology for yourself before you make fun of me, especially the guys. Because seriously, if ANY of you men do, and you judge me as "something else," or you degrade me, scoff me, or ridicule me because of your lame excuses of defining masculinity...expect me to hunt you down, smash down your door, grab your shirt, and um, whoops! Where was I again? Forget this. Let's keep going...).

When it comes to religion, I understand the teachings of God and Christ YET I love Hinduism, Confucianism, Toaism, Shinto, and Buddhism, especially Mahayana, Vajrayana, Chan, and Zen Buddhism. I love learning about other people's cultures, history, and religion. Even mundane human conditions I love as well. So it's safe to say that I'm an eclectic religious, moral, ethical, secular, and philosophical person but at the same time AWARE of it's biases as well as the biases of others.

When it comes to singing, I'm one mean singer singing with the Karoake machine, so watch out folks, I'm coming over to your place with the microphone!!! La la la!!! Here me sing this song!!! La la la!!! Ha ha!!! I can sing in foreign languages as well!!! I'm just foolin' around, sorry.

Lastly, I'm roughly three-fourths Pinoy and roughly one-fourth "other." The "other," what's the "other" you say? Heh, wouldn't you like to know...

But I'll be nice and tell you. I'm also one-eighth Chinese, one-sixteenth French, and a minute bit Spanish. Not only that, I also have English blood in my veins from one of my ancestors from Europe. I don't know who (but it came along from one of my French ancestors). There. "The other."

For a quickie mini bio besides the extended details, I love hues of green, grey, and blue; anything that reminds me of the ocean. I've been writing as a kid. I've written poetry since I was a kid. I hate eating fried squid because when I was a child, I wouldn't dare touch them. To me, they looked like fried rats! I would vomit as a child even 'til today everytime I had to eat it. I love travelling. I have dimples when I smile. And finally I'm patient with people (as long as they don't irritate me to a point I can't take).

I'm so funny sometimes I kill myself... Mwa hah hah hah!!!

That's all you need to know. As for the rest of my personal bio, it's...

mysteriously unknown...

You'll also notice (if you're perceptive enough) that one of my favorite themes whenever I write is about the Moon not only in "The Moon" folder but possibly throughout my life writing... To add, I'm a complicated, sophisticated thinker/writer/poet so get ready folks and get those dictionaries out. Also get out you're critical-minded brains. It's gonna be a brainer sometimes!!!

[As a final notice, the writer (if you're about his age as a peer or younger) rubs you on the head as if you're a little brother or sister. He shakes your hand (if it was an older woman or man)]

Thank you for reading this extremely long, detailed biography. It must have been a killer to read this far...

Without further ado, go on and read!!! Read the comments/critiques that other poets have made if you wish. Some have extremely good comments.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook and leave critiques. I love nothing more than feedback!!!

About My Navel

My naval is my yum yum 'oh my' tummy to swallow a dirty whale.
My navel is my buddy getting dirty just to get cleaned.
My naval is an annoyance because I end up cleaning it! End.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

June 24, 2003

*There are 32 quotes total, skip ahead to the bio if you're not interested in reading. :)

I'm not a stranger, I'm just an unmade friend.

0. ''That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger.'' - Anonymous

2. ''If you're having fun, enjoy it. If you're angry, then get angry. And when you want to cry go ahead and cry your heart out. You'll feel a lot better after a good cry. And then you'll be able to laugh again. I think it's a lot better than keeping it inside and 'forcing' yourself to smile.'' - Rosette Christopher from Daisuke Moriyama's ''Chrono Crusade''

4. ''With a prompter in each cellar window whispering comebacks, shy people would have the last laugh.'' - Narrator from JP Jeunet's ''Amelie.''

5. ''I always always wish that these fleeting thoughts would reach you...'' - the song ''My Will'' sung by Dream.

6. ''I'm nobody's weasel.'' - Amelie from JP Jeunet's ''Amelie.''

8. ''Even when I reach out with my hands, my heart will stay distant.'' - the song ''Blurry Eyes'' sung by the J Rock band L'arc en Ciel

9. ''Luck is like the Tour de France. You wait and it flashes past you. You have to catch it while you still can.'' - the Glassman from JP Jeunet's ''Amelie''

11. ''Why do you stare at the sky with your blurry eyes?'' - the song ''Blurry Eyes'' sung by the J Rock band L'arc en Ciel

12. ''Cause a thousand words call out through the ages. They'll fly to you even though we can't see I know they're reaching you suspended on silver wings. Oh a thousand words, one thousand embraces will cradle you making all of your weary days seem far away. They'll hold you forever. Oh a thousand words have never been spoken. They'll fly to you. They'll carry you home and back into my arms suspended on silver wings. Ohhh. And a thousand words call out through the ages. They'll cradle you turning all of the lonely years to only days. They'll hold you forever...'' - ''A Thousand Words'' sung by Jade from Sweetbox

13. ''Always continue to struggle for struggling gives the reason to live. Never be ''dead.'' ''Dead'' people, however, know nothing no matter how much they claim to know a better method of living without struggling. They don't know because they are prevented from thinking for themselves. They're ''inactive'' to contributingly aid others in a reality that's honestly veritable. They believe in false illusions and are only egotistical, actually worried about their own livelihoods and what they claim to believe as absolute ''Truth.'' Furthermore, who are afraid to even reach out and understand what is truly going on... Why lie to yourself? For lasting comfort? To allay sorrows? To escape the evils of this world? Life is inevitable either good or bad. And there is no such thing as an absolute ''Truth'' for life. Although it's an ideal one wishes to attain for oneself or even a higher source to believe such, to me it's in reality quixotic. Besides, how can one be like that when there is no latitude for individual expression and ''love''? It's downright tragic you know...''dead'' people who are alive don't know how to ''live''...''

14. '' ''Hakuna mattata!'' What a wonderful phrase. ''Hakuna mattata!'' Ain't no past tense phrase. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our trouble-free... philosophy. ''Hakuna mattata!'' '' - from the ''Lion King''

15. ''True strength comes from neither the appearance nor the body, it comes from survival you pretentious, maggot! Know your f***in' place!'' - Anonymous

16. ''The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth should be the foundation of judgement.'' - Ida Burnette Wells (Oh, I absolutely revere her. Learning about her remarkable history is so rich and colorful...)

18. ''I'm going to warn you once and only once: (aggressively) If you value your life, I suggest you stay out of my way...'' - Unknown :-)

Let's learn some foreign insults: (if you want to know what each of them mean, e-mail me or 'im' me altho' I won't use my 'im' so much).

19. (an insult in French) Si j'avais ta tete a place du cul j'aurais honte de chier!

20. (an insult in Bisaya) Bigaon ka!

21. (an insult in Tagalog) Wala kang silbi sa mundo pakamatay ka na lang!

22. (an insult in Japanese) Anata no ikei wo miru to totemo koufun shimasu!

23. (an insult in Korean) Sibural jot kat'un nigimi jot manhan ddong mul eh t'wogyo jukil sip sekia!

24. (an insult in German) Deine Zahne sing wie die Sterne so gelb und so weit ausinander!

25. (an insult in Italian) Brutte come la merda de gatto!

26. (an insult in Cantonese) Nei doe chi lun sin ga. Fan ook kay diu chut lei lo mo gor chow hai yeen hau lye gon jeng nei lo mo gor see fut loong la!

I may know more... but in other languages... ;-)

Something extra:

''The smaller act has tremendous value than the ''ideal'' whole. With that said, I don't dare sit on my a** waiting, preaching to the world about things and what they should be, how it will be, and what is correct and what's not. I'd rather aid the world, alleviate suffering, doing the little things that help now. They may be miniscule and trivial, but that's the start of it. As they say, a single drop of water raises the sea.'' - Unknown

''Struggle for existance.'' - Jayati Gupta

''Keep struggling no matter what. It's the very thing that tells you ''you're alive.'' ''


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