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Shoreline, Washington

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I enjoy hanging with friends, reading, writing, music, poi spinning, dancing mostly belly dancing, singing, long walks through the forest, star gazing, cloud watching (it's really fun at night), movies, playing with my cats, crocheting, learning/speaking many languages just to confuse people, anime, manga, being a complete fangirl, and attempting to learn how to play guitar.

I have been writing poetry since December 12 of 2007, not long but I've gotten alot down. I write books but usually delete them because I am not satisfied. I have had an interesting life and have lived in interesting/horrible places so I may write about my experences there.
My muses are mainly my friends and trust me I have enough of them to have quite alot of creative energy around me.
I am a Wiccan and will write about Christians in a way that may seem mean. I DO NOT HATE CHRISTIANS! I just wish you would stop trying to convert me. I except that we have different beliefs and believe that we can be friends. Oh and, I don't worship the devil. I don't even believe in the devil.
I would like to thank the world for being fucked up because that is a great thing to write about. I would also like to thank my friends. I love ya guys.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

''Every little moment should be cherished''-My friend Donia


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