As your head nestles upon my softness
I caress the image of you.

I hold the grace of the moment in my fingertips.
Tracing soft, parted lips,
stroking the rough stubble from jaw to chin
closed eyes revel in my touch.

Sensuous pleasures echo through the hint of morning's blush,
bringing forth a radiance that softens the mantle of darkness.

Eyes of my soul gaze adoringly,
anticipating only shadows of you.

The curves and angles of your handsome, contented face,
the smoothness of your sculptured chest,
your hazelnut body draped serenely across my own.

I silently reach for you
savoring this reflection for days to come.

Bittersweet as you fly away from this moment...
cherishing the reclaiming of the next.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always...but a moment...WM


The room stops...

Suddenly I can't breathe...

Knees want to give out from under me

Still in my tracks...

There you stand smiling, eyes fixed on me...

There's so much...tension

The air is thick

The lights like the sun...

I begin to sweat...

Body numb but in control...

As far as I know

He moves toward me

Piercing me with his eyes

I like it...

A lot more than I should

Chest almost collapsing under my flannel shirt

Why do you make me feel this way?

I feel out of my element

I feel the tension, I can cut it with a knife

Hard to swallow...

Throat thickening...

Shaking uncontrollably...

Damnit...damn this...this...


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Inner Wolf

You stand in the dark secluded corner

quiet...hiding an inner wolf...aggressive and thirsty

You don't speak, your eyes tell me everything you are thinking...

I wish I knew how to tell you...I want you...

Aggressively, want you...

You're intense

Sometimes too intense for me to take...

Your chest against my back...pressing, comfortable, perfect...

Hands like fangs pressed to my warm skin

Holding back the urge to dig in...

I wish you would

Take me...all I am, all of me...


I want you to...

Stop hiding in the dark secluded corner and let out that...


Inner Wolf...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A past flame brought these inner feelings out in me...he was quite intense

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over you overture



over the past

and presence

curves and hips

playing the grand

scheme music

with the harmony

of your torso

over you

in the hover

of desire

create a perch

to balance

out of the over

stuffed deep blue


dum dum dum


mmm is right

measuring the arch

of your haunches

from a rear view


fingers squeezing

your waist

thumbs press

against your spine

so over you


so into you

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get drunk and think of you


o the hang over possibilities

spinning images into a twirl and

i am not talkin about your hips

my e-mail seems to have stopped

my desire needs a new fuse box

my thoughts dance to a bingo winner

my shoulder hurts from the bicycle

  accident we all have

my path to the future is filled with

obstacles of the past

my my

is my thought of romance

with the university of you

humpty dumpty is the new rap song

about our middle-life glamour sex story

we are another generation

please please please me

but i want to spin your kiss

into a layover with benefits

i am a bad drive-in graphic

i slide into your bun and

think of too many calories

but we are teenagers in my proposition

and we burn calories with screwed up


you are every ex-girlfriend with

all the potential of the endless ardor

there is the edge, that is like a metaphor

that we could fall over, but we don't cross

that link

like kissing your nipple, but thinking tooo

much about it

i can't believe i can tip this bottle into tipsy

i am PI casso a curve that comes back to you

in the rhythm of 3.14

i am another page into not being into you

i am the random moment of when



i am yams on thanksgiving, because when else

are you yams what you are yam

i am the wonderful drunk of oh know

too far

but I would love another


you imagine the touch

another splash of scotch

and the taste of slobber on

your lips

here we go

here we go again

ins't that great, because

aren't we always

too close

i keep thinking i can't be this inebriated

but i am drunk

and ready to crawl around on all fours

like a hello kitty porn video

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sultry in and out

put in debbie

around the tree

around the loop

around the thumb

and into the bunny


a little tie of a bow

of a sweetheart

racking up desire

like brownies

in the oven

the thermostat is blooey

and the metaphorical

check engine light

is lit

craving is carving a niche

like a sutra position one uses

to transcend one top

for another

and that is how i spin

in the sultry belief

of a connection with


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the golden hump in a herd of camels

put in debbie

there has to be a flicker

there has to be a touch

of memory plus

the whiff of again

and a gooey cauldron

of here and wow

there has to be a figurine

next to the flicker and

a concoction of rum

and coconut

there will be the fragrance

of bunny juice that  whets

the appetite

there there

my dear one

enjoy the here and now of

two stuffed animals

working the friction

of delight

like rubbing two

swizzle sticks

to spark

and kindle


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out and about

put in debbie

circling your pelvis

with luscious lashes

of unwritten intimacy

spoken in lipsync


try as i might

first curve i see

in the candle light

dragging the rudder

across your chest

to rest upon your tongue

remind me to rhyme your kiss

with bliss

to remember the adventure

that lives in your mouth

with the sound of sighs

and your hips and the thrust

of your pelvis that redefines


sing a song of six pence

and the pretense of nine

leave the presence

and watch the carnal

picnic recline

nibbling the nip and tuck

enjoying the design

of your curves and

liberation of pleasure

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put in debbie

calculating the science

of your curves


the paranormal of paramour

and the ardent bubbling of amour


i’m working in a library

thinking of lips to the back

of your knees and how

to weaken them for

coitus consumption




the theory of your thighs

and the hypothesis of your hips


experiments completed

in your kiss




with the idea

that bends numbers

into curves


and you into embrace

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