If only...

I want to believe everything you say.

I wish there was nothing standing in my way.

But the secrecy is to much for me,

its like im blind and can not see.

Blind from the emotions, the truth, the fears.

Wishing if only you were here.

But the silence its to much to bare.

I dont know how you call this fair.

I open up and tell you all,

but look at me i continue to fall.

I've fallin in love, its seems with nothing at all,

talking to you is like talking with a wall.

There's no respons no emiontions in play,

And it's always the same day after day.

You dont even nottice, you shun me out,

I dont even know what you're lifes about.

If only one day you took time to see,

than maybe someday you'll nottice me.

Out in the cold waiting for you,

Wishing that i could make this love true.

But as we all know a relationship like this,

Can only last a little bit.

It will soon end like the change in season,

thats how it is with no real reason.

If you could open up and let me in,

then maybe someday we could win.

And be together maybe for life,

but as for now its just for tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is the longest poem i've wrighten so far and its based on me and my bf's relationship unfortanatly :(

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