In Regard To Regarding Your Regards

where i am, don't wanna be here anymore,

fantasy bond, internet sexpot two penny whore,

a fighter, at least that's what i originally thought,

tired from every problem i can't fix, but have constantly fought,

all i hear is blah blah blah, goddamn piece of awkward shit,

on my knees supplicating, hands reached out towards the infinite,

wanna run far and long, through the depths of the ocean i'm serenaded,

drive to the edge of the world, possible yet impossibly jaded,

and what are called friends, nothing but pelts to shed,

what was deemed my heart, throbbing to death it bled,

we make plans, they blow me off with fabricated excuses,

doesn't matter, i crawl back initiating pathetic truces,

alone, in my room, cock out i've often paraded,

hit my head against the wall, in this situation i'm barricaded,

tainted self-efficacy, blaming hints of vaginal juices,

i'm retarded, like saying 'look at all those beautiful gooses,'

drink up the poor me elixir, eyes red like fire lane curbs,

hopelessly, painfully - life embodied by such adverbs,

dream of how these things can work, how they're possibly impossible to be,

come, i'd take death for you, i'd be your giving tree...

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