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These days, it seems I'm 75 percent dreamer and 25 percent doer. Working on it being 50/50, but still am having trouble getting past trying to be 75/75. With dreaming always coming first, I'm not sure this plan is going to work out :)

I love conversation and human intimacy, I love stories. I love the silent moments by the window, in between, watching the leaves or snow fall. The walks in the quiet of the night. Doors to reminiscing and nostalgia. Such grand little flickers of time, and holding close of dear friends on the path, help keep each day as full of life as the potential of new things that await.

Simultaneously, with age, and with the louder and louder touting of every single thing new as human advancement, strangely some shadows seem to get longer. With every year I only wish harder for peace and understanding, above winning. I live to walk the fine line between hope and not being naive. All of these are the kind of work that is worth it.

Writing is a borrowing of others eyes, and a sharing of our eyes with others. A sharpening of our own vision. It is a wondrous joy I found about fifteen years ago, that has helped me better express myself, and - I think - better live. It quickly grew into a real love of mine, and there's little I've missed more when the pen has been still a while. Truth is, without it I think I'd miss some of the better parts of being alive.

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I think its hiding under my shirt because it's too embarrassed at the thought of being written of.

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''People asking questions, lost in confusion..well i tell them theres no problem, only solutions.'' - John Lennon, Watching The Wheels

Nothings ever as good or bad as it seems in the moment.


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