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i love to listen to music. i'm also taking American Sign Language classes, and i enjoy signing. Cats rule!

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a military family, faerie_ophelia was destined for mediocrity. She went to school, where everyone thought she was literally retarded because of her fear and unwillingness to participate. After her parents divorced and she and her mother moved with her grandparents in Nevada, things changed. At school, she was teased while liking the fact she was getting attention; at home, she'd found a couple friends in her next-door neighbors. They moved the summer before she entered middle school, where she was teased and finally started to hate it. She got a bit depressed. In high school, she finally decided to cut the crap. She also left her Christian youth group and stayed at home a lot. She didn't actually accept the fact of her graduation until a month before it happened. She left behind friends, teachers, and people who were both, some of whom probably rejoiced. She got a boyfriend, who ended up leaving her for the Navy. She then started going to a community college, where she still is, though she is getting 2 degrees there. She still hasn't got a clue.

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Just a dent, a part of me
other people rarely see.
Not ugly, cute, large, or small...
i do think that says it all.

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''For some people, small, beautiful events is what life is all about!'' - the Fifth Doctor (Doctor Who)


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