My big buddy

It was very sad when your life came to an end.

You weren't just a cat, you were also my friend.

You became my cat after you were born in 2002.

You were good to me and I was good to you.

You were black, white and gray.

I miss you because you passed away.

You made me feel better whenever I got upset.

You were my big buddy and you were a great pet.

You were very pretty and friendly too.

It was a privilege to have owned you.

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My baby chick

I have a baby chick and she's as cute as she can be.

She's a leghorn and I'm glad that she belongs to me.

I'm so very happy that my chick was born.

She eats seed now but soon she'll eat corn.

I'm looking forward to watching my chick grow.

If you're wondering if I'm going to eat her, the answer is no.

Having a chicken is great and it's pretty neat.

In several months from now I'll have eggs to eat.

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Simian and the Scientist

Wonderful World

Imprisoned animal

What can the Anthropoid do?

By all means

Day in and day out clangorous

Chatter cantankerous

Moving to and fro

Frantic to getaway

But all in vain

For the ape is

Inside a Laboratory

A monkey in a cage.

The Scientist

Injects venom

Simian cry take wings.

To benefit Mankind

It's Humanoid's

Experimental dig!

Oh! What a sight

The monkey is in a fit.

Nonstop rotates

Spins with a drooped head.

Until it drops dead.

Attempt to discover facts

Oh! Research is it?

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From small






All kinds.

Sharp beaks






Of Prey.

Small birds






From farms.

From small






Birds rule.

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A Tough Decision

It's a day I never looked forward to

One I knew that would someday come

My best friend of so many years

Would fade as though a setting sun

That I would have to make the choice

No one should ever have to make

To put down my friend I love so much

And have that one to rest fade away

I know I have made the right decision

His faithful bones were filled with pain

It still doesn't make it easy on me

To live with this decision made today

I know he shall eternally live on

Forever in my heart, and my memory

I shall see my friend again someday

When I'm relieved of life's misery

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At the moment my mom and I are very sad.

Mom's cat passed away and that is very bad.

Mom named her Boy in 1992 because at first we thought she was a male.

Boy was a very loveable cat and we're not doing very well.

She did have a very long life and that's something we're grateful for.

She was solid white and we're sad that she's not around anymore.

Boy was a very sweet and pretty cat for all of her seventeen years.

Mom was very lucky to have her for that long and now she's shedding tears.

She loved to sleep in Mom's bed and lie on her clothes.

She loved to be petted and she loved Christmas bows.

She used to run to the door really fast when she heard me coming because she wanted me to pet her.

She wasn't my cat but I loved her and it's a shame that she couldn't get better.

This cat was very special and she brought lots of joy.

Now we say goodbye to the cat who was named Boy.

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A little piece of Heaven

I found a little piece of Heaven at the pound.

I adopted the most adorable kitten in town.

He's solid white and he is so cute.

Buster is special and wonderful to boot.

When i adopted him yesterday, I made a great selection.

I love him and I'm going to shower him with affection.

Adopting Buster was one of the greatestcthings that I've ever done.

I don't know how you feel but I think that he's number one.

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A Bird's Song

With every morning, along with the sun

Comes the sprightliness of a bird’s song

Whistles along echoes, melodious tunes of joy

That can soften the hearts of the strong

With each day that gives us meaning and new life

A bird’s song is a prelude to ponder

Although sometimes going unnoticed or overlooked

It flutters freely from here onto yonder

In the chaos and busyness life often brings

It’s a reminder of solace and peace

It’s pleasantness and simplicity

Urge imminent hostilities to cease

Harmonious in nature, all in one accord

It’s purpose uplifting and pure

It can soothe the souls of the weary

Offer hope to the downtrodden to endure

We hear a bird’s song but do we listen?

Do we appreciate the gift that they bring?

Are we taking for granted the smaller things in life?

The songs so sweet that they sing….

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This poem came to me one morning after awakening to the sound of bird's and realizing the calmness it brought into life at the moment.

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Brown pools shined at me

And reflected the light with in

Warmth from a smile from him

Brought me a heart felt grin.

He walked with me at the park that day

And we wandered all around

He knew I would always be there

To share the nature sounds.

The birds echoed "I love you"

Above the secluded park bench

As if they knew what we were thinking

These words that were unclenched.

Words can not be spoken

When felt to deep to say

The gaze was there and I just knew

The feeling's were there to stay.

Brown pools shined at me

And reflected the light with in

He trusted me and was guided

To give love back to him.

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