Now it's too Late

Volume Two

Now it's too late

By: Matthew Canning

In a world full of sinners and saints

trapped within the web of the markets and banks

money is just nothing but an Illusion

as debt becomes the solution

living within the shadow of this beast

avoiding the corrupt priest,

housing an army of secret police.

“Now it's too late, if your faithful they call this fate

there is little time left, to stop the predator

we can still flush out the traitors.”

We have becomes slaves in our own home

corporate zombies, a mindless drone

plugging in at night, by switching on a button

and switching off your brain, subconscious glutton

feeding your pride off another's sin,

the Antichrist has risen again

he's within each and everyone of us

tempting, teasing

seducing and pleasing

oh how everything can be so deceiving

from what we all thought to be so perceiving

the science of the universe,

how taboo, grown to become perverse.

“Now it's too late, it's what some call fate

when there is no time left to stop the predator

at least we can still hang the traitors.”

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Loved this!! So many I talk

Loved this!! So many I talk to, as well as myself, wish we could go back to trading like the earlier Indians, but its not realistic and sad to say we'd probably end up right back here. We are a greedy species.