broken heart

A Day to Die

Lost to enchantment - scattered to farewell,

failed trappings of a heart longing to stay

Smiles into tears, recalling bittersweet dreams,

whimsies and love - somehow tossed to the way


Stammers in darkness - echoing each failing word;

shadows of sunset prompting whispered cries

Dimness speaking direst shades to woeful fate,

pleading voice mimics soul's anguished demise


Bequeathed with passion and caressed by night;

a jewel of fancy - like a ruby red kiss

Shimmered the gem's reflection in your eyes,

a sparkling fortune founded in bliss


Then faded the glimmer of our opulent light,

facet turning to a shard of murky glass

With fall that shatters from cruelty's fate,

the final slivers of hope came to pass


In dwell of aloneness comes last goodbyes,

my thoughts forever in the surrounding still

As years slip pass --  you'll find me here,

my spirit to love you, and always will


  © C.E.Vance

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Just emptying my head

I wish I was better at explaining how I feel.
Though articulate and eloquent, I find myself at a loss of words around you.
Knowing its easier to be a bitch than to take a chance again.
Someday I might be able to say how much I really love you.
How I've loved you all along.
But what if you don't feel the same?
I don't think I could handle that crush.
I'm already so weak and worn down.
Years of being torn apart.
I don't want to lose the one person who builds me up.
I can't handle losing you.
So I'll just never have you in the first place.

I had a dream last night.
That I went back in time.
I saw you, before we'd ever met.
You didn't know who I was.
And it hurt so bad.
Trying to explain a feeling you'd never shared with me yet.
We were just strangers.
And you were still with her.
Killed me watching you two in love.
Stil together, knowing what you'd go through with her in time.
The words she'd say to you that would stain your heart forever.
And there was nothing I could say to change it.
Cause we never met.

Second Choice

There was a time I would get upset 

when I was your second choice. . . 

Now I wish I was.  


infidelity you played me like a crazy fool
Infidelity deep down i knew you weren't true
infidelity no one has hurt me as much as you
Infidelity now i can't trust no one because of you
Infidelity You cut me so deep
made me heart into an open wound
Your selfish you don't care about no-one feelings
But your own
That's why i can't be with you
What you did in the dark creeped into the light
Revealing the unfaithful true
How in the hell did i end up with you
Can't reverse the past what's done is done
Thank God that were threw
I opened my eyes connected the dots
I knew you weren't true.
A lier you are a cheater you are
I hate every part of you
Im moving on with my life
never again will i be a victim to you

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I gave her my love.

I gave her my love
she gave me pain
she captured my heart
and bound it
by lock and chain.

I was a reserve
she kept one foot in the door
and placed me upon a sea saw
For one moment
I was floating among the clouds
she shot me down to the ground
I was lost destined never to be found
Leaving me with a heart full of wounds
that would not heal
She was the spider
and I was her meal.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never learn.

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Make my lonely desert bloom again.

To see your face again
is like seeing the sun
after a long cold dark lonely winter
to hold you in my longing arms again
soothes my soul
and heals my broken heart
since you left me
my life was like a lonely desert
but now your hear please
make my lonely desert bloom again.
my soul mate and my friend.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First published 2010.

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Cold Feet

I must be getting punished
My heart has turned bitter
3 AM I'm waiting
This must be the coldest winter

Underneath the street light
Where we're suppose to meet
I thought I new you we'll
She must have cold feet

What happen to plan A
We even had a plan B
Please stop playing
Put some socks on those feet

Maybe I'm insane
Or in fact it's just love
I must be going crazy
To think you'd actually show up

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Azure Eyes

Beneath the blue,
in faraway,
a castle made of glass;
Fashioned within,
fragile shards,
glimmer lost in time

From windowed heaven,
sharing the color-
of transfixed eyes,
Brings distant view,
to surroundings-
glimpsed outside

Clinging to slivers,
pieces of life,
behind structure's walls
Founded in sorrow,
a parting love,
long passed by

In open skies,
once alighted dreams,
shrouds day with night;
Stars in backdrop,
fade to ebon,
hide presence from sight

Alone to self,
entrance denied-
to all approaching near
Focus of thought,
dwelling in shattered-
bits you find

Through azure eyes,
always the world,
only you see
Beneath the blue,
so far away,
hidden in a castle of glass

© C.E.Vance

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Just poems

You know that feeling
born deep in your heart?
That insatiable yearning
every time you're apart?
Those butterfly wings
that tickle your belly?
Or the climatic ecstasy
that turns bodies to jelly?
Have you ever felt
someone touch your soul?
Felt completely complete...
one half of a whole?
Have you seen no future
without them by your side?
Have you felt their breath
was your own, inside?
Have your lips tingled
with every sweet kiss?
Would the smell of their skin
stir emotions like this?
Have you felt you two fit
like a hand in glove?
Do you know what it's like
to be more then in love?
I did....but it's gone,
faded memories of past...
of my first true love-
and my last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just feeling unloved...

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