I gave her my love.

I gave her my love
she gave me pain
she captured my heart
and bound it
by lock and chain.

I was a reserve
she kept one foot in the door
and placed me upon a sea saw
For one moment
I was floating among the clouds
she shot me down to the ground
I was lost destined never to be found
Leaving me with a heart full of wounds
that would not heal
She was the spider
and I was her meal.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never learn.

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Morningglory's picture

this gave me an idea.... I'm

this gave me an idea.... I'm sorry for what you're going through.

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you, it was an old girlfriend, not recent. glad I inspired you. take care. warm best wishes. Moogie.

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This poem was awesome :)

This poem was awesome :)

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Thanx Cleo. hope your ok today. glad you liked it. take care. Moog.

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Had a big night last night;

Had a big night last night; still recovering!!! But still pretty good!! ;)

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I hope you meant night out. hope you had fun, but there's a price to pay as you know. I'm going to pickle myself tonight on front of Tv. thanx Cleo. take care Moog.

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Of coarse Night OUT!! and

Of coarse Night OUT!! and yes, i did have fun:)!!!!- funny; i was dancing to a hangover song and now i've got one...haha

Have fun with your TV....:)