broken heart


My Love

Love is a trick
Love is enchanting
Love is harsh
Love is cold

Once so in love
Was it only me?
My heart so on fire
Now left cremated
A breath and breeze
carrying whispers
of what could've been
All that's left
is a broken, stabbed corpse
that were once my heart
Doesn't that haunt you?
Can you not see me?
Or do you remember
and the guilt wracks you?

But I'll spirit away
My ashes will catch
on the breath of the wind
The breath of new life
stirs in me again
I found someone else
Who had scars herself
Who watched the ash assemble
Bearing my likeness again
But not fully me
I'm scarred for life

Love is friendship
Love is real
Love is flying on emotion
Love I feel

We aren't perfect
We're only halves
But together
the ashes combine
A new life starts
And you aren't part of it
Love is it's banner
and I built walls around it
gates that you can't enter.
I forgive you
But I cannot trust you
Take your pride and go
make ashes of someone else.

Psalm of The Broken


My eyes have not seen
And my ears have not heard
What my heart wants to know.
My tongue is a snake
A poisonous viper.
My hands are evil
But cannot leave me.
My soul is in torment
It haunts me day and night.
My heart is broken;
Love has long left it.

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Tears for Thought

Shallow voices reign in daunting still,
moments tethered to will’s silent ponder
Unseeing eyes cast in a fixated stare,
images lost to mind’s faraway wander

Within a siege of merging reflections,
sights lay weeping inside a thought
Held tears replenished for loss retrieved,
reminisce of failure for love once sought

Summoned to fate came parting’s sorrow,
disclosed by taint from a nightly chill
Denied caress wallowed in bitter languish,
longing for a touch no phantoms fulfill

Belonged shades to ebon engulfed the days;
spawn of darkest pitch consumed each night
Whelmed despair bid farewell to slumber;
obscurity screamed in the deafening quiet

Vowed commitments strewn in heap and mass,
all their care entrusted to your heart
Forsaken promises formed a forlorn sigh,
saddened memories instilled from the start

Shared moments in thought spoken to another,
silence presented the lies you tried to hide
My love to you was given till ever after;
through the years I still find you by my side

Urgings in while call with their whispers;
voices reign in triumph over conscious will
Void to the eyes even though they are seen,
images stir with the call of daunting still

© C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a perspective.

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You ask me
"Are you Okay?"
I nod my head,
And turn Away.

For if you look,
You would see,
Tears leaking out,
Betraying me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem, let me know if you like. If I get enough replies, I may do another one.

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MIXED FEELINGS...(conclusion of untold story of love or lust)

I can't even cry no more cause
The tears are drained out my eyes.
It's ME that you want, it's ME that you need
What don't you realize ?
I know, it's hard for me to understand
Everything from your point of view
But I listen and I comprehend and
Acknowledge the things you do
We breath each others thoughts
But our actions are not the same
Our heart can't take any more
And it's you to blame
I hate to point the finger
To someone that I trust
But it's. Not my fault
You got love mixed up with lust
I don't doubt your love
Never have never will
Your love is tender
And for that I will kill
So what happens to my heart
When you take yours from me
Give yours to someone else
And leave mines be ?
I know you have mixed feelings
And I can feel your pain
But to choose love over like
Honey, your insane
If you love me so much
Like you say you do
Then be with me
Or be through
But if you feel I'm washed out
And want to throw me to the side
Remember when you said you loved me ?
You lied!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy it:) please comment and give feed back

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I am broken, my pieces are to small and sharp to put back in place.
Shattered like a glass Vase that as been mistreated, I knew the power of the lies would cause it to break.

I feared the answers of the questions, but for some reason I continue to ask.                 

Now I find myself waking up wishing I was in the past.
Days now long and nights endless I’m not sure if we can clean up this mess.
They say those 3 words means everything, but I guess that depends who they are being said too.   

Did you not listen to the words I said before you accepted that ring?
So now you ask for forgiveness and a chance to change.

I say pick up the pieces and try carrying me once again.
But beware of some missing pieces and you will now find many sharp edges until the healing power of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote on behalf of a friend.

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Lost My Mind

i used to spend my nights beside you
now i lay alone
i used to have options
but then i chose you
what happened?
we took things slow
dipped our feet in the water
before we jumped in
i thought i knew what i was doing
i thought i knew you.

don't take what’s not rightfully yours
you have my heart
and i think you stole it in the night
when it was just you, me, and the moon
the times i was most vulnerable
how could you.

i don’t understand
all those nights you walked in the rain
to come kiss me, hold my hand
i don’t think you did it to cause me pain
so why did you run away
you either want me or you don’t
and i think it’s rude of you
to hold on to my heart
that piece of me that’s still yours
why don’t you do me a favor
let it go

although i hate to say it
what’s mine is no longer yours
but the stars have fallen from the sky
and the tears have exploded from my eyes
you consumed my heart
you consumed my mind
they say destroy what destroys you
this should be war
yet i find myself reluctant
although you broke me
i could never hurt you.
i must have lost my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

breakups suck

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PAin and HAte

Pale skin fresh blue eyes.A Scared face with tears in her
eyes she told him shed do it if he hit her again he didn't
listen till the Shot. A flash of red, silver, and black. He lies
how cold and lifeless on the floor bleeding out and so much
more.A bullet to the head a bullet to the cheat that bullet
had his name on it since the first day he missed. The gun
feel out if her hand like roses on a casket. She pick up her
phone and rang her lovers home. when she found her lieing
so close to his lifeless body she told her no more need to fear
mi dear im here. ill protect you they'll never know it was you
we went to the funeral all but us in dress she sat there holding
her hand crying with his roses on her cheat his brother pulled
a knife she pulled a gun and shot them all one buy one and
there she sat telling her she loved her and was there to laugh at
there pain and there she was happy and pain free

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For everyone who had their heart broken

A warning is just not enough
You gotta get it through
Than cry in denial
Like in an endless spiral

I thought it was a joke
That's before my heart broke
Could it really hurt that much?
All I wanted was a little touch

Love is like a fire
Not a child's play
It burned me, from desire
That's what they used to say

I get it now
I really do
Run away
It's what people do

I want to cry it all away
Or get back in that day
So I could go a different way

It's now time to be strong
I've been foolish all along

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry, I just wrote that for 10 minutes. 'Cause I've... ok, whatever, just read it.

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