broken heart

Birth of Light


The light pierces the thick midnight
Everything is all right
Back is tight from the tension
Of not understanding
The end of this dark road
It tickles at the mind
Rather makes me scream at the horror

The lead is out of me, the dead weight of you
Is gone as the fire dies
I am lost, a ghost within my own world

From the shiny future I have made
It blinds me
Bends all my reasons to the correct morals
All my fight has been staled

All ties to you have been cut
Making my gut sour free
The acid of all the sins
Melt the pins from the heart
Freeing me from the chains
Breaking the gin bottles
To make a pretty smile
Out of the shards

There are no more kisses
From poisonous lips
I don't dance on ragged blades
I run in the blue
Too bad you cannot see
Me this straight

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The silence is overwhelming

Truth clinging to the air between us like last hopes

Remaining suspended will they inevitably shatter?

I've withheld nothing from you, my open heart will it become an open wound?

I hold my breath and time ticks by and your voice never ever fills this silence

Hopes shatter, dreams crash and burn

My hands shake knowing they will never be held in yours

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedication, to the martyr, my muse

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Binding A Heart



Binding A Heart


beneath the shadows of memories that linger
her heart silently gathers its broken pieces
shaping then into a mold of what a heart should be
tightly binding it with necessity
placing her dreams carefully inside the weave
tying a double knot at threads end
hiding her truths deep within

and for a moment she finds her smile
finds hope within her world
finds peace in the whole of who she is
and where she has been
while trying to leave behind all the places, faces
and pain that have carved out her days
for far too long

she etches her new found freedom
across everything she sees
writing a new melody
wanting so desperately to sing a new song
to sway to a new beat
to find a new dream to dream

but days, months and years always
circle back again and again
and the same faces, places and pain
begin to bleed into every stroke she makes
every step she takes
and her smile fades
as the string breaks
spilling pieces of her heart
across all of today

defeated once more she falls to her knees
and there beneath the shadows of memories that linger
her heart silently gathers its broken pieces
shaping then into a mold of what a heart should be
tightly binding it with necessity
placing her dreams carefully inside the weave
tying a double knot at threads end
hiding her truths deep within

© LadyRaine

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i don't know why

i don't know why

people always hurt me

when i'm trying to make them happy

make everyone happy

make everything fine

but they always destory everything

my happiness

my hope, everything

i don't know why

friends give me encouragement

and when i'm confident to do that thing

they just make my idea flop

my whole work flop

they don't how i struggle for it

at that time i feel fire in my heart

and nobody there to give water

to stop that that fire

to give water to my thirsty throat

but everyone is there

to set fire in my heart

to burn my chamber of heart

i don't know why

when everything going good

they hurts me

and at that time theres nobody to stop my tears


i don't know why

people always hurt me

when i see a beam of light for me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this things happen with with me nowadays when i become a little happy everyone hurts me at that time family and friends everyone

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Un corazon roto

fragmentos esparcidos por doquier

nunca mas sera hallada. 

(c) copyright heather burns

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I gave it the thought
And I dove right in
but pulled out at the last second
'Cause I knew I'd never win

Then she threw me a curve
by returning my glances
Now everyday goes by
and I think higher of my chances

Things start to go better
and I can't believe we're here
she's laying in my arms
And the world disappears

The next morning arrives
I wake up overjoyed
but she gives me the news
That she can't leave the other boy...

I sit in a stupor
let down yet again
but the heart wants what it wants
And it hopes it'll win

She's the only one I want
And I'm torn in two directions
I'm just hoping that some day
she'll decide love's worth the chances...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I'm really into a girl... she's really into me... but she's got another guy... I'm emo right now and this is what came out in a matter of about 2 minutes XD

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Shattered Heart

Shattered heart and broken screams. Feeling like its just a dream.
Shattered my heart. Broke down my walls, then walked away & watched it fall. I let you in. Inside my soul. You left me to die. To rot in this hole.
I hate you forever, Cant you see? You left me with nothing, so let me be.
I'm walking a road all on my own, But i guess its been like that for far too long.

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Another hole in the head

Another hole in the head. You left me for dead. I'm bleeding and dying. Too numb for crying.
Broken away. Left today. My soul has shattered an now faded away.
You left me for dead. Dying in pieces. I'm broken. Alone. Trying to find where the peace is. I hope you wanted this. You messed up our sweet bliss. Broken and cold. Bloody and dying. At least i can say i was the one who was trying.

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A demons love

Purple scars bleeding through,
How did i get here next to you?

My heart is cold just like a stone, Its been like this for far to long.

Break my chains and set me free.
Let me go and let me be.

My heart is cold from your black stare.
A demons love, Is whats there.

You held me down and stole my breath.
Nothing of me is even left.

This heart of love is now frozen steel.
You cut me down and made me kneel.

Bloody knuckles and broken bones.
I only wish i could feel my own.

You dug my grave before i was dead,
You threw me down as i bled.

I watched you laugh as you walked away.
I guess that's why there's nothing left of me today.

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