Just emptying my head

I wish I was better at explaining how I feel.
Though articulate and eloquent, I find myself at a loss of words around you.
Knowing its easier to be a bitch than to take a chance again.
Someday I might be able to say how much I really love you.
How I've loved you all along.
But what if you don't feel the same?
I don't think I could handle that crush.
I'm already so weak and worn down.
Years of being torn apart.
I don't want to lose the one person who builds me up.
I can't handle losing you.
So I'll just never have you in the first place.

I had a dream last night.
That I went back in time.
I saw you, before we'd ever met.
You didn't know who I was.
And it hurt so bad.
Trying to explain a feeling you'd never shared with me yet.
We were just strangers.
And you were still with her.
Killed me watching you two in love.
Stil together, knowing what you'd go through with her in time.
The words she'd say to you that would stain your heart forever.
And there was nothing I could say to change it.
Cause we never met.

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Very nice poem. I can really

Very nice poem. I can really relate to this.

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Enjoyed this read. Empty more

Enjoyed this read. Empty more of your head...

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This venting and emptying is so dense that each line could be the beginning of an entire poem - depth plumbing is here - interesting triangle scenario ~~Lady A~~