A Day to Die

Lost to enchantment - scattered to farewell,

failed trappings of a heart longing to stay

Smiles into tears, recalling bittersweet dreams,

whimsies and love - somehow tossed to the way


Stammers in darkness - echoing each failing word;

shadows of sunset prompting whispered cries

Dimness speaking direst shades to woeful fate,

pleading voice mimics soul's anguished demise


Bequeathed with passion and caressed by night;

a jewel of fancy - like a ruby red kiss

Shimmered the gem's reflection in your eyes,

a sparkling fortune founded in bliss


Then faded the glimmer of our opulent light,

facet turning to a shard of murky glass

With fall that shatters from cruelty's fate,

the final slivers of hope came to pass


In dwell of aloneness comes last goodbyes,

my thoughts forever in the surrounding still

As years slip pass --  you'll find me here,

my spirit to love you, and always will


  © C.E.Vance

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KindredSpirit's picture

The passing of a poet


Though i never knew you Carl

Your words will live on

Through you they came

Thus they are your words to live on

Forever and ever