Love life

Just One Touch

Just one touch

Is all that it took

To confirm what I knew

In just one look


The instant I saw you

My life flashed swiftly by

So beautiful and fulfilling

I fought hard not to cry


It was terrifying and profound

But calmness soon set in

As I realized what was happening

It was love wanting to begin


So I threw caution to the wind

And opened my weary heart

So that yours may find mine

And a life together could start


Many years have now passed

And our love is steadfast

Our life full of joy

And a love that will forever last


Just on touch is all it took

To set my heart ablaze

And know we will be together

For the rest of our days….

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I was but a faithless faithful married to my odes

A paradox of love and hate

A chainless slave of death

The master of a destiny roaming down lonesome roads


You came one day and I knew what to expect

Dark-red roses and a month for my heart to wreck

Like many of my poems, this love too will come to dust

In the comfort of the night, this bond will start to rust


But your light is stronger than my pessimism

Like a blanket in a stormy night, you envelope me

The touch and warmth of your skin tells me to believe again

In the vision of a tomorrow where I’ll never be alone again


With your lips, I remember my youth and hopes and dreams

With your hands, you take me back before I began to fear

With your tongue, you breathe life to my long-lost faith in heaven

With your eyes, I begin to hope and love again


And so then I took down my Berlin Wall,

Forgetting my sorrow and fear to fall

The Cold War is now over and the Sun has come

Here comes the Summer I've waited years to come


A puzzle I want to unravel,

You upped my curiosity

You bring more questions than answers

Testing my long-held tenacity


Years of reasons have finally abandoned my sanity

What is left is your voice and the visions of our promises

Gone are the days I preferred Rand and Hegel than your predictable daily updates

I now only crave for your fucked-up emojis and monotonous 'Hi's' and 'Hey's'


Wreathe me with your holy Marian poetry

As I undress my Peregrine peculiarity

Cast away the bedlam of the world

And cover me with your celestial words


If this love is a game of dark and light

Take me to Bethlehem where the stars breathe life

I'll lead you to my deepest sorrow

Off to Gethsemane our hearts shall go



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem in 3 years!!!

Please do read. This is about the beginning of the romance I am with right now. 

Please do comment and provide reviews. THANK YOU.

Child's Play

Child's Play

Can you hear it? It calls to me

Helping me get where I need to be

I seem to hear it all around

Something I cannot keep down


I hear it in my soul 

Like a deep thunder roll

You’re the best thing in my life I find

 You bring peace to my mind 


Can you hear it? It says that I

Am able to let loose and fly

No longer trudging day by day

But treating things just like childs play


Can you hear it? It tells me true

The best thing in my life is you

So walk with me, and listen clear

Imagine what we will hear


If we open our hearts wide

Always Keep each other inside

If we walk together each day

Our lives will be like child’s play

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On last November, it took some time for my emotional recovery 
Once again, you're on your next move and on the next sleazy discovery 
Those promiscous women you see are bad for your health 
Knowing you, it gives you pleasure to sink in lust for yourself 
Attachment scares you, doesn't it? When I became attached, you left 
We all may have our insecurities yet your maturity never grown up at all and you won't confess 
I am happy now but not way back then 
Admittedly, I was a teary eyed wreck, a mess and a damsel in distress who allowed you to win 
I don't know where I'll be if it wasn't for my friends 
Unlike you, they stuck by me to the very end 
My heart once ached for byou but there's nothing I can do 
To try to win your reckless heart would be in vain because you and I are through 
We never agreed to many things whener we converse 
I had high hopes and dreams meanwhile you talked about chasing skirts 
The only time I didn't feel like I was in prision is away from you in my own home 
Inviting silence welcomed me and somehow eases the pain when I am alone 
Heartfelt moments we once had refreshes in a cycle of memories 
From smiles to laughs, followed by kisses leading to passionate ecstasy 
Pride engulfs my spirit; something you can never fracture 
You lived a two face lie--I stayed real and didn't break beyond the obstacles during what you was after 
No one can love the real you ; Guess who had the last laughter? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please give positive feedback and good criticism!

Perplexing Love Life


At one time I was known as Aphrodite
Among other things
And I was a very good goddess,
If I do say so myself

I dated this one
All the while
I set myself on chasing
That one

And this was quite all right to me
Or I thought so
You can read back in my poems
And see a broken woman

All across the lines
I said that I found love
Then about six poems later
I hated that guy

And this was my life
All the way up until
The accident that seriously
Changed my life

I was all set on having one man
Get married, have kids, grow old
But all the while I am realizing,
I am still Aphrodite, in different form

I still have guys chasing me
But I do not use ‘love’ lightly
Not like I used to
That will not happen again

So when I told Brian I loved him
At that time I really meant it
But then he turned around and hurt me
Lost his Internet connection

And now we are at
Six months, half a fricken year
With no attempt at contact
So I said to hell with him

And moved on to the next guy
Scott was his name
We are still together
But now I am in a predicament

I find myself falling for another
One that I am sure dad doesn’t approve of
And now this is very perplexing
Because the one I’m with I know

Dad will love when he meets him
But the other one I am not so sure of
His looks, and our history
I highly doubt dad will approve of

But I am realizing that I’m thinking
About him every second of every day
He’s so sweet and considerate to me,
That in and of itself, means so much to me

I don’t know what I am to do
I know who I was, and who I still seem to be
This splits my head in two, till I have a headache
From trying to figure it all out

Sleep on it they all say,
Well I have, it don’t work
Because it has been a week
With no signs of figuring it out

Let it all go, and go with it,
Yeah that sounds good
If I knew one or the other
Would do the same thing

Well, not really, if they would
Just put it out there,
Wear they’re heart on there sleeve
And come out and say it

One has, but he can’t go through
With his feelings and come to me
The other one, I know what he feels
But he can’t say it, so what do I do?

Just wait for one or the other
To come and say, face to face
What he feels for me
That sounds fine but,

What am I to do in the mean time?
Leave little signs for the both of them
And see what they will do
That’s what I will do

Written on
September 4, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Scott and another I wont name. Not now. It was written about my confusion between the two men. Mind you, this was/is the longest poem I have written to date. If that tells of my confusion. =)

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