43 Ways To Help Trees And Forests Which Cool The Earth


Why is the area of most heat and light, the equator, only 70 degrees in equatorial rainforest and 130 degrees in temperate zone desert? Trillions of Trees. Trees as nature's weather stabilizers, trees, accounting for a 60 degree difference between rainforest on the equator and temperate zone desert, have been felled at an unprecedented rate. Harming trees causes fire, flood, famine, mudslides tornado and hurricane. :


1. Plant trees Work for city, state, country and UN tree planting

2.   66 reasons to stop mowing http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=2084088

3. Eat tree products.. fruits and nuts.. say  yes to orchard growershttp://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian

4. Build with stone stucco brick and block not wood. You will a.prevent termite destruction nonviolently, b save the $,time, and environmental damage of paint, c have natural insulation with its energy savings, d. prevent rotting wood e. have better insulation in summer & winter f. end the disease related to living near the mold from rotting wood g. reduce the arsenic in the watersystems, flowing in from pressed wood factories and h. have increasing rather than decreasing equity in your home. Use natural barriers such as bushes, or chain link, rather than wood fencing. http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/

5. Cancel daily newspaper..and magazines and newsletters printed on felled trees, as 72% of the young have get your news on the web. Daily newspapers account for trillions of trees slaughtered annually and most promote anti environment corporations.In the US a high percentage ofmetropolitan dailies are controlled by warmongers as well.

6. Print on cotton, recycled or scrap paper

7. Use a water spray instead of toilet paper

8. Buy food naturally packaged.. nuts in nut shells, bananas in peels.. buy in bulk.  Fruit is nature's most perfectly packaged food. How many trees go into cereal boxes http://meatout.org/

9. Use canvas bags for shopping.. neither plastic nor paper http://www.sierraclub.org/

10. Stop eating meat, since cutting forests for cattlegrazing is a major cause of deforestation.. Animal flesh yields a maximum of 100 to 1000 lbs an acre. Tri level agriculture (fruittrees, vines and fruit bearing plants) yields over 450,000 lbs. peracre. or 450 to 4500 times as much food as murdered mammals' flesh.

11. Work for peace.. work for an end to giving 10 million a day to violent governments, for the outlawing of membership on arms merchant boards by government officials and elsewhere radically affecting weather patterns.. work for an end to CIA, Army and other weather manipulation through Haarp, Woodpecker, chemtrail cloud seeding and other means.  In 1972 Seymour Hersh reported in the NY Times the CIA's attempts through cloud seeding to cause flooding in N Vietnam. http://goveg.com

12. Save fruit seeds and scatter them in wild places http://www.ran.org The average evaporation of mature trees is 42 gallons a day.. which becomes mist, then clouds, and then rain, eliminating drought.

13. Buy books and greeting cards published on cotton, rice, or other nontree paper.

14.  Purchase furniture which is used and refurbish it or buy metal furniture with cotton padding. There are many nontree furniture options. The furniture, lumber, and construction businesses have lobbied for the cutting down of US forests, making the US a land of skinnier younger trees, whereas the UK, some cities in Maryland and California require a permit to cut down old trees.

15. Vote out earth abusers whether you oppose Republicans by voting Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Democrat or other.

16. Avoid fast food places which deforest for their packaging, have no recycling containers in most outlets, and create litter which fills dumpsites and requires labor pickup http://www.vegdining.com http://www.mccruelty.com

17. visualize sun and green trees everywhere

18. pray, meditate

19. Outlaw junk mail (as telemarketers have been curbed). File a form with the main post office in your area. Return to sender. The GOP & junkmailers are requiring you to subsidize their treekilling and invasive practices.

20. Recycle cardboard cartons at commerical establishments. Recycle your own scrap paper.

21. Leave Christmas trees in the woods. Replace the purchase of dead Christmas trees  with artificial trees.. or living ones planted each year in the year. Oregon is the biggest Christmas tree killer, making more than 7 billion annually from deforestation.  Ending the purchase of cut trees a. is good for animal habitat b. prevents fires c. supports the rights of sentient trees d. promotes anti global heating air exchange e. saves a lot of money... for giving to your immediate family and friends or to the homeless

22. Save seeds of trees, vines, bushes, plants and scatter them where mowing does not occur

23. Ban the cutting of trees entirely as Thailand has down.(The United Kingdom has banned the cutting of trees after they reach a certain width.. while Takoma Park Maryland in the US and other cities have required a permit to cut older trees.  Around the world elephants are threatened by logging, as well as by poaching and war.

24. Stop through lawsuits, networking etc. the 'controlled fires' deliberately set by the US Park Service and the Forest Service... fires which often are made more lethal by the unpredictable wind.. fires which destroy trees, animals, birds, reptiles, insects. The United States is still a land of skinny trees, because of present control of the Usda Forest Svc. and National Park Service by lumber, mining oil and cattle interests.

25.  Work for library, workplace, home, and other printers' use of  cotton, recycled, or the back sides of already printed paper. Printer and copier manufacturers are part of the problem.

26. Stop the control of national and state executive branch, legislatures and courts by corporate contractors

27. Network with other environmentalists

28. Disinvest mutual funds, pension funds from earth abusing corporations such as Georgia Pacific and other tree killers.

29. Replace paper towels with washed cotton rags.

30. Contact the USPS to give you a Direct Marketing Assoc. form.. which will stop both commercial and nonprofit junk mail delivered to your home http://www.the-dma.org/Advo is the world's largest junkmailer, killing trees both at the beginning and at the end as trees are bulldozed to make more landfill in which to put Advo junk.

31. Fax gives trees the ax... phone and email are more direct

32.  Network with others working to end automatic phonebook distribution which besides killing trees .. would save the phone companies time gas and money

33. Please avoid insurance companies which mandate the killing of trees... (sometimes land speculators buy homes just long enough to put them on the market and profiteer from the sale... after axing centenarian trees...health departments too have joined in this anti health measure.)

34.  Legislate underground power lines to save trees. This is done in several countries in Europe.

35. Clearcutting lumber and mining companies have caused flash floods around the world. One such began over the construction of 5000 homes near Beckley W. Va.

36. Lumber companies have put a variety of poisons into the waters.

37. Lumber companies have caused fires from dust accumulation such as the one occurring in Schofield Wisconsin in Oct. of 2005. Fire chief Doug Jennings: "It is my belief (the fire was caused by a dust explosion."

38. Using metal spiral staircases rather than wooden ones. Building with metal, stone, stucco, brick, block reinforced concete protects from fire, termites, the need to paint, keeps houses from floating away in floodsor being shattered by hurricanes,  Recycled plastic is now pulverized and with concrete made into building blocks. It is made into other very strong wood substitutes.

39. Both a UN and a UK government report link cattle ranches and dairy products to global warming, as they cause the removalof trees.

40. Avoid wood chips. In a hot Houston park, wood chips spontaneously combusted, causing fire.

41. Respond to others. When the lumber industry says it plants saplings,it doesn't say that it takes 1000 years to replace a millenial oak, hundreds of years to replace multicentenarian firs.

42. There are a number of recycling companies which will put collection bins on your school, library, corporate, community or other property if you can generate 1000 or more pounds of paper per month (poundage varies per company.
43. Create more green space by building stilt homes on metal pilings
in lakes and bays.

Raking leaves a. wastes time b. fills landfills c. costs communities money  d. removes blanketing leaves from Mother Earth during winter e . removes nuts which feed squirrelshttp://www.keeper.org 

-saiom shriver-

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