Preceding; Before I Write-

A spirit takes over me, as I fall into a deep trance like the one I am in now!—

Visions of letters become my matrix; an alphabetical illusion of crosswords

chronologically assembling words, phrases, this sentence I just wrote;

Sometimes the hair on my back rises and a cold shiver down my spine; that’s

when I know it is not I who is in control, but the ghost of Pablo Neruda evoking

my soul;

together we write universal poetry from desktops and cemetery tombs-


Alas, soulcriticpoet …it is neither a blessing or a calling—you have been chosen,

and I? have spoken.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

alias....Neftali Neruda

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running_with_rabbits's picture

:) I really felt a rhythm in


I really felt a rhythm in the start of this, it had a beat and I could see it on stage being spoken, then it got lost to me part way through, maybe it just really needs to be on stage :( I really wish you would post videos of you performing

Much Love