River Of Love


River Of Love

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There is a river of love

which joyfully trips over rocks

minding nothing difficult

done for the beloved.

-saiom shriver-



based on words of Sathya Sai Baba

who also said "To expect love in return

is akin to a coolie's demanding wages".


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All I’ve known have been washed away in the ocean

What is this feeling going into motion?

Endearing affections capturing my mind and heart, blinding me from the start

What cannot be fooled is my instincts and heart

Clueless of what I’m getting into yet what I know what is true

My infatuation is you

Each day, I try to hold my feelings in from bursting flames

Admittedly, it’s a failed attempt; there’s no denying the smiles as I heard your name

The last thing I want to see is to rid yourself from me

It was clear from my alluring eyes to see your natural beauty

The time is going fast, whirling around world’s reality

Your genuine and real personality shines the brightest from what I see

You never noticed my inner feelings for I don’t show it in my face

Even when in your presence, my loving heart rapidly raced

Helping me through the fears, wiping away the tears from the negative situations I’ve once had

In the dark storm, you illuminate like the sun giving me warmth when left in the cold away from the bad

The yearning heart you have beating strongly from a life lived in a seemingly nightmare

The first thing that made me become so attached is your strength against your fears

There was much more than just physical appeal

Unlike the other false acquaintances committing their life to pretending effortlessly, you were the real deal

Obsessive behavior was never my thing considering all I wanted is to make you believe

Believing in me not only as a companion but a beloved one and to keep you in arms, the home to serve as your sanctuary



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Give positive feedback and good criticism!


What could I say when we began to part?

I steadily walked on the opposite side of this train

Nothing would come out nor could I speak

How could I say goodbye when I’m not ready to?


Nothing prepared me for our departure

Nor did I thought I would lose you like this

I wished nothing more than happiness for you

Yet it tortured me to say so towards you


I wish we could reunite as one someday

However I do not wish to interfere with your choice

I could only hope for the best in both of us

Wishful thinking will not bring us back together


I reminisced the days when we were together

Truly was unbelievable that I found someone like you

It seemed too good to be true at the time

Now it seems it has become a reality for me


It is bittersweet that we are friends

However I know you have your reasons

If only you knew how much I still love you

I wish we could have held on stronger


Our final days together are here

Those days I wish never came to be

I wish I wasn’t so selfish to not let you go

But you will always be in my heart


My beloved…

I will always love you

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The Night


What’s in the night?

What secrets

Does the darkness hold?

How can it change a man

In ways untold?

Only in the night.

Can he finally say,

The words to keep

His beloved close.

Making her weep.

Because only in the night,

His thoughts become words.

And she can finally hear

What she means to him

And down falls a tear

Only in the night



Written on

July 5, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dot really know why I wrote this one or what it was for.

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