Blessed Are The Dreamers


Blessed are the dreamers
Who understand
That the most
Beautiful things
Are not just
Found in dreams
But are already
Found in reality
You just have to know
How to look
And bless the believers
Who will always believe
It is possible
To teach the world
To see those very things
For they are the ones
Who see the world
With no blinders on
They give in not
To the temptation
To be who society
Tells them to be
Just to fit in
They see the beauty in
Being yourself

Thinking freely
Accepting and learning
From those around them
They see the beauty
In the innocent mind
Of an uncorrupted child
And strive to think
More like them
Than those who have given in
To the corruption around them
Those are the people
I call my heroes
How about you?

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