A spiritual poem


Undefeated I am,

Giving up I know not,

Be it in life, love, fights.


Quitting is not my way,

I am tuned to win,

I get wounded, but rise:


Foolish friends backstab me,

Women with evil hearts,

Think they can conquer me.


But with Allah* by my side, 

I emerge victorious,

I continue walking tall.


My love for God is strong,

His Light is my guide,

And Faith my best weapon.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

*ALLAH: Arabic for The God Almighty.

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I sense freedom, 
but can’t fully grasp it.
I may feel it; 
but certainly can’t reach it.
As I soothingly inhale freedom, 
I tenaciously refuse to exhale it. 
Freedom swims through my flesh spontaneously, 
and comes to an end as it reaches my bones. 
The bars of society have cornered my passion for freedom. 
Freedom accompanies me during lengthened nights,
and propitiously makes me more content with myself.
I think beyond universe 
and so do I feel courageous when I am with you.
I solely close my eyes 
to sense that feeling of being eternally free. 
My mind, soul and body coincide
and compassionately harmonize simultaneously when feeling eternally free.
I imagine myself as a painted bunting 
soaring in the atmosphere, 
having nowhere to go
but feeling remarkably enthusiastic.
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Dusk of Scarlet Violet Indigo

The scent of Incense and Eucalyptus.  Children sleep quietly, silence reverberates, the ghost of laughter echoing hollowly.  Lingering coal black clouds, descend upon the outskirts of unmapped towns.  A gentle taste of Autumn in July across dry cracked lawns.  Riptides and the north wind, whisper warnings, pleading to the innocent and young.  The magnificent outline of Chicago, rises from the surface of the western horizon.  Hummingbird, oh hummingbird gliding and levitating amidst rustling spruce.  A jog down Saint John Road.  I hesitate before sunset, to take in the fragrance of white pine.  We rush past cottonwoods, their bark stripped, branches shattered along the curb.  A wind erupts, trampling through the brush along the stream.  We run, we run just north of the cornfields and east of the setting sun.  Exploding into a dusk of scarlet violet indigo. 


Last night, just ere the dawn, 
I was meditating after a prayer, 
In my prostration I wept and wept, 
For those fasting in Ramadan* 

All the wise men and women, 
Have fasted to cleanse their souls, 
Of desire and worldly tempathion, 
Greed, desire, sin, Satanism. 

So even I joined the Godly ones, 
And with in His Love for us cried, 
Quietly, unheard, to the Holiest One, 
To save Adam and Eve's children.  

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In the blue light of early dawn, 
I felt quiet calm in breezy charm, 
My being tore the veil of a great myth: 
There is no such thing as nothingness, 
In the unseen is the birth of the seen, 
The eyes of wisdom sparkle and glean, 
Realms beautiful, serene and green, 
For, once the heart is receptively clean, 
The dimension of truth lets loose its beam. 
My insight unravelled I breathed and revelled 
The seen I was, I am...and then I am unseen. 
The myth of nothingness is materialistic, 
The essence of life is spiritual -- unseen.   

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Night rustles with its mysteries,

The canopy of stars stares quietly,

With my Creator in the park's stillness,

I recharge my worn-out batteries.

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I don't belong to you anymore


I don't belong to you anymore
At one time in my life you had a
strong hold.I was traveling
down a rocky road.
But now I'm set free. Set free
for all eternity.You had me thinking
I would never amount to anything.
You gave me all the heart ache that
pain can bring. You made it  appear
it seems that Jesus was just a
fantacy or a make believe
dream. Depression and
despair were every where.
I could not see into the light.
I even entertained the thought
of taking my own life.

I was living a life of strife
and literally running for my life.
My father said child, this will
only last for a while. Remember
times will get hard but you
belong to the most high GOD.
Your life may get rough but
it's not yours to take. Don't let the
devil fool you, don't make
 that mistake! I gave you
life, I breathe your first breath.
Go on and live child, don't hurry death.
I rose up from my despair
and took my first step. like a baby
learning how to walk. Like a child
learning how to talk. I read your
word and your will I sought.
I read your word and it spoke to me.
It said come find
true love that will last for
all eternity

I don't belong to you and more.
Your lies and deceit I have
come  to abhor.
The love of GOD I have
learned to adore. At times you
try to creep in but the LORD
has closed that door.  He said
my child you don't belong
to him anymore go out and
tell others it’s the LORD your living for.
LaTanya  Adams


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Blinding Light

The light was piercing bright. and white. The tunnel was soothing calm and slight.
I laid back and took flight. I drew close into the light and felt a calm, felt a brush
upon my arm. It was uncle Joe and Grandma Sue. It was then and there I  knew

Something extraordinary had occurred. I felt such a peace i’ve never felt before. How did I get here?
the last thing I remember was riding in my car on a  cold day in November.  The road was slippery
narrow and dark.I passed  some kids playing in the  park. I took my eyes off the
road for only a minute. I heard a crash but I had no idea where it's was coming from.  I felt some pain and then
my body went numb. I started cry, I started to die. I felt a release and I started to fly. I walked in the
meadow and the grass was so green. so pretty the brightest green I've ever seen. The flowers
sang praises unto the LORD. The babbling brooke proclaimed  it’s the lord we are living for. The angels
voices were so beautiful. Their services and praise's to the lord was dutiful. The meadows rocked and
the rainbows cried all hail to the father who sits most high. I was then told that love reigns supreme.
I felt a touch on my hand and knew it wasn't a dream. The voice that sounded like a million trumpets said draw close child
let me tell you something. It's not your time so you must go. but remember the earth is not your natural home.
Go back and tell others that love is the only answer. Live for me and live for me solely. Keep my commandments
and live holy. I wanted to stay I started to pray please don’t send me back for the world is full of lack. I have never
experienced such a love I want to stay here with you, the angels and doves.  He had to remind that it wasn’t my time.
He said these are the things you had to see so that you could go back  and witnessfor me. He said he would
always be here through his word and through prayer. I shed one tear and said good bye spread my arms
and took flight. I now know what love is which lives in my heart. Love thy neighbor is where we start. We will all
be united one day again with the alpha and omega the begining and the end.
Copyright ©2002
Latanya Mims Adams

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I 'see' my 'Beloved' 
The Lord God of all worlds 
Here, there, everywhere. 

Moses the Prophet 
Went to Mount Sinai for Him 
Just to behold Him. 

We are but mortals 
Tainted with the stains of sin 
Our eyes are blinded. 

Only with a pure heart 
And an undying longing 
Muhammad* 'saw' Him. 

On the 'Nightly Journey'* 
It was God, Who, out of love,  
Chose the Ascension.*  

Make Allah your love, 
And all veils will be lifted, 
You too will 'see' Him. 

The One God is Light 
Of the heavens and the earth 
The most perfect Light. 

We can't see the sun 
We cannot see the wind too 
Yet both do exist. 

The truth is vivid 
See God in His creation 
And learn to know Him. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*The Nightly Journey & The Ascension: As mentioned in the Glorious and Wise Qur'an, Allah (The God Almighty) blessed His beloved Last Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad (May Allah's Salutations and Blessings be upon him) and blessed him with His Majestic Presence. The account is known as "Al Isra Wal Mairaj" in Arabic which means "The Nightly Journey & The Ascension" and is described in the 18th Chapter of The Noble and Holy Scripture of The God Most High. 

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