Serial Killers Had Animal Abusing Childhood Or Teen Years

Teach Nonviolence To the Children

There are 3 kinds of serial killers... a. those who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis or by hiring a hit person b. those who kll millions abstractly.. never seeing those they bomb as they sit in bomber planes or government chairs. c. judges who kill with their pens, denying petitions for mercy from prisoners on death row.

An analysis of serial killers shows most frequently a pattern of abuse toward animals in childhood, as well as those who as children were abused by parents.

1. Robert Hanson, the serial rapist of 30 women and murderer of dozens would
release women in the Alaska woods and then stalk them with bow and arrows.
(Cleveland Amory before his death recounted that animals can be found alive with
12 arrows in them.)
2. Danny Rolling who killed 3 in Shreveport, Louisiana and 5 in
Gainesville Florida, wrote his brother the night before he killed 5 Floridians a
letter describing how
best to kill a deer with a knife.
3. Murders are often ascribed to hunting accidents.
4. The death of children and adults from stray bullets near
residential communities is frequent.
5. The problem of alcoholism in the hunter community causes
accidental deaths.
6. Keith Hunter Jesperson abused gophers, dogs, and cats from the time he was 6,
visiting on the animals who urinated in fright the terror others had visited
upon him.,%20Keith%20\

7. Timothy McVeigh was trained to kill animals by his grandfather Ed.
8. Senator John Cornyn of Texas with others killed 400 birds
in one day, birds cage raised and released in nets directly
in front of him and his partners. This occurred in Ligonier, PA.
Senator Cornyn is a strong promoter of the violence in Iraq.
9. Antonin Scalia who has serially killed with his pen
by turning thumbs down to requests for mercy of prisoners..
was a hunting companion of Dick Cheney in Louisiana.
10. Norman Schwarzkopf was given
an award by the Safari Club for
having killed 300 KINDS of animals.
He coordinated with McCaffrey,Powell, George H W Bush (also a hunter) the
Highway of Death, the carpetbombing
murder of 250,000 people, children,
donkeys and dogs and the bulldozing of many of them alive.


1. Jeffrey Dahmer in a tv interview before his death
said he first became fascinated with dead flesh in a biology
class in a Bath Ohio high school in which he was
required to cut apart animals. Dissection becomes vivisection.
2. Dr Michael Swango MD of Ohio State, serial killer of more than 100 people in
the US and Africa was trained in this primate research school
to objectify animals, to see them as creatures
without rights. Other university administrators in Ohio say
they are shortchanged in research dollars in cutting edge
technologies because 60 million dollars of State of Ohio subsidies go to OSU
animal harming research. OSU also has a course in which premed students are
required to break the spines of mice.
3 Leonard Lake
This Californian who killed 19 known and many unknown victims
(bone fragments not identified) copied a frequent biology experiment, that of
dissolving animal flesh in acid, an experiment taught in both public and
parochial schools. Lake as a high school student dissolved many mice in acid.
4. Jack The Ripper was a physician trained in vivisection (cutting animals open
5. Former Senator Bill Frist, member of a family of billionaires made
so by their pricegouging hospital chain, wrote in his autobiography that
as a medical student at Harvard he had portrayed himself
as an animal adopter at a Boston shelter. Through this
process he took more than 1 cat to Harvard to be killed
in lab research.
6. A Cleveland MD, Frank Sweeney serial killer of between 12 and 40 victims was
apprehended by Eliot Ness, FBI agent of tv show fame,
because of Sweeney's political connections. The
physician had been trained as a vivisector.
7. A British MD Harold Shipman presently in jail for the murder of 218
was also trained as a vivisector. He was a physician
involved in mercy killing. He did not have a right
to play God, but his motivation was compassion.

1 Michael Ross of Connecticut, strangler of 8 women, said that as a small boy he
was forced to strangle the sick chickens on his father's poultry farm. Ross was
murdered by the governor, prosecutors and judges of Connecticut.
2. Robert Silviera in jail in Eugene Oregon for the murder of 28 people who
traveled as hobos.. was subjected as a child to a father who cut off his pet
rabbits' heads and cooked
them for dinner, telling him they were chicken.
3 British juries in the 19th century did not allow butchers to judge others. It
was felt that the job of killing animals desentitized them to suffering.
4. In late Nov, 2000, international tv networks reported that a butcher sold his
five year old
nephew to the west for 90 thousand dollars. The boy was scheduled to be killed
for parts. Russian police stopped the killing.
5. Frank Perdue, of Perdue chickens, told others that his
father killed his pet chick when he was 6. Perhaps if his father
had been kinder, billions of Perdue chickens might not have been
slaughtered. (Tyson's, Ohio Fresh Eggs, Perdue and other factory farms have all
had deaths totally in the billions
of animals from tornado, freezing, disease, suffocation.)
6. Timothy McVeigh worked at Burger King and was trained to kill in the
7. Robert Pickton, serial killer of 60 some prostitutes
and other women, fed their bodies to the pigs on his farm.
Professional exterminators objectify and eliminate animals for a living. They
are more
likely than others to kill pets. Tom Delay was an exterminator before
he worked to advance Bush regime wars in the House.

1. The Arkansas boys who killed their school mates
wrote from prison that they missed their Wendy's fast food diet
(adrenalin from frightened animals is a protein enzyme not
entirely broken by cooking.) (Eating flesh is literally eating violence, terror,
and fright)
2 The CIA in a paper on Polish unrest in the 80's
mentioned that lack of meat was the primary cause of
the crisis. The trioxypurine or uric acid in meat is pre urine.
It is more addictive than caffein which is dioxypurine.)
3. M Michael McDermott who in December killed 7 at his
place of work in Massachusetts preferred McDonald's food,
reported a Boston daily which promotes war.
4. As crime is associated with hidden places
and darkness, goodness is associated with light.
The more fruit and vitamin C in the diet, the more
comfortable human beings are with sunlight. The more meat in the
diet, the
more people crave darkness.

1. John Wayne Gacy, serial killer of 34 men in
Illinois, was a manager of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
2. In 2000, violence broke out between Christian
butchers and Moslem cattlemen in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. At the time that Chicago was the crime capital of
the world, it was also the slaughterhouse capital as well as the
meat industry financial capital. Annie Besant, expert in electromagnetic fields
and early
pioneer of the Theosophical Society, was able to see Chicago's red aura an hour
away from
the city, an aura caused by the terror, agony, fright, and anger
of the animals cruelly butchered there. The Texas cattle
industry is by this theory a factor in the murders of 30 and
the innumerable
rapes along I 45 in Texas.
2. Littleton, Colorado (Columbine) The poisoning, trapping, shooting and
smashing of tens of thousands of prairie dogs occurred in
Littleton in the 2 years before the school violence there.

The European Union has banned American meat and dairy products
because the female hormones cause prostate, breast, and uterine
cancer. In addition, they stimulate unnaturally the
sex drive, one of several factors in rape, prostitutition, and incest
statistics. (NPR reported in February that just as
car insurance companies eliminate high risk drivers or charge
more, so dietary risk clients with high meat and dairy consumption are being
eliminated by a British insurance company.)
Objectification of women and contempt for women in the programming
of MTV, Fox, and other networks is a factor in rape and in
family violence.

1 The FTC, children's action groups and thousands of parents'
and teachers' and media action groups have proven the link
between viewed violence and acted out violence. ABC's Three
Stooges generated so much after school punching that the PTA successfully had it
taken off some affiliates' airwaves. The Stooges
rip apart birds' nests as 1 of their quiver of thousands of
violent acts.
2 In February, 2001 Sumner Redstone's Viacom, owner of CBS,
aired Survivors' with its brutal slaying of living pigs, cows.


1. 4 Marines forced to take Lariam by Roche killed their wives.
2. Andrea Yates was on a chemical stew of psychiatric medications
when she drowned her chidlren.
3. Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft are correlated with homicide and suicide.

Among the top 7 of the most dangerous occupations
are those of butchers, fishermen,
lumbermen, those operating harvesting
machinery, all of which involve the
killing of the voiceless and powerless.
 Executing countries and states are states
of animal murder
Oklahoma is first in the US in govt. murders per capita.
It was one of the last 2 states to ban cockfighting.
Senators Inhofe and Coburn of cattle concentration camp
Oklahoma pushed through the Animal Enterprise Terrorism
Act which criminalizes peaceful protests at slaughterhouses,
homes of vivisectors, etc.

The major networks disallow PETA and other ads promoting
kindness to animals, while making billions on ads for animal
flesh and animal products. They allow color coded subliminal
advertising such as the McDonald's red and yellow marker on some
PBS and Fox stations. The power of media moguls in this country
has always bought silence. For example, Wm Randolph Hearst
brought the US into the Spanish American war while Rupert Murdoch
promotes violence in the Middle East through his pawns.
ABC promotes Rush Limbaugh and his anti animal tirades.
2. Removing violent materials from schools,
For many decades, Edgar Allen Poe, child
animal molester,
alcoholic.. has been allowed to pollute
with detailed descriptions in his
stories of cruelty to

It is time to take this psychopath's
work out of the
3. Video Games
a. Tomb Raiders III promotes the false
idea that monkeys want to kill human beings. This has the side-effect
of making it easier for laboratories to research on monkeys without
public opposition.
b. Ted Nugent's Wild Hunting Adventure Electronic Arts
(Nugent wants children to shoot arrows at animals)
IX Alcohol The relationship of alcohol to meat has been
outlined by General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army who
successfully treated alcoholism with vegetarian diet.
Present day researchers have found a chemical affinity between
meat and alcohol which leads to battering of women, hundreds of
thousands of traffic deaths annually around the world, disease,
broken homes, crime, rape.
X Accidental Deaths
Grease fires in restaurants where meat is served, choking on
meat as the 6th major cause of accidental death, injuries
to slaughterhouse workers being kicked by terrorized animals
are some examples of meat industry deaths.
XI Deaths from Disease
The meat industry is the first cause of death in the world
with tens of millions of annual deaths worldwide caused by
heart disease, cancer, food poisoning, kidney disease,
to name a few.

When an animal is slaughtered, the forensic
evidence is consumed.. yet lives
on in food poisoning, heart attack, cancer,
arthritis and other statistics
XIII Training in the military is associated with serial killing.
Columbine, Timothy McVeigh are good examples of this. Sharon
of Israel once had the greatest number of animals bound for
slaughter. He is at the other end of the spectrum from Einstein,
Yehudi Menuhin, Rabbi David Rosen who did not and do not eat
animals. In the US, the violence of Texas (first in murder
and state murder) is linked to the meat industry.
XIV School training in violence
4H teaches children to love a pet, raise him, care for him,
and then to kill him oneself or turn him over to be killed.
This is schizophrenia engendering.

Ted Nugent, bow and arrow hunter, published by Regnery, the
Lucianne Goldberg GOP publisher, has advocated
teaching children how to kill animals. The FBI states
that one common factor of children involved in multiple school
violence acts is their training in weapons by hunter parents.
The Republican Party has aligned itself with the NRA through contributions. The NRA teaches people how to kill with bows and arrows. Hunting involves accidental
deaths from inebriated men and women, murders masked as accidental
shootings of animals, stray bullet deaths of residents, pets and
wild animals. All children involved in multiple school shootings
were found to have been trained in weaponry by hunters, military
or militia. A book written about Robert Hanson is "Butcher, Baker: A True
Account of A Serial Murderer" by Walter Gilmour and Leland E Hale.


NPR which has 200 million in McDonald's
stock and regularly advertises Cargill,
the nation's biggest butcher,
is also a consistent promoter of
Pentagon propaganda and plutocratic


GE, 7th largest war profiteer, owner
of NBC, is besides a constant
architect of war (and a past
character assassin of the
hero Jim Garrison) a corporate
sponsor of fish suffocation
in bass contests.

Toyota, subsidized by the govt.
of Japan, which kills whales
and dolphins, is also
a corporate sponsor of
fish suffocation contests.

G H W Bush, awarded by the
Safari Club for advancing the
killing of animals in trophy hunting
was the architect of the Highway
of Death during which whiteflagged
surrendering Iraqi soldiers as well
as women, children, donkeys pulling carts, dogs, were carpetbombed and
bulldozed into graves, 250,000 worth.
Bush bailed out of a plane
abandoning his peers,
is a war profiteer who has made
hundreds of millions of dollars
selling his influence as a partner
in the private equity
Carlyle Group. Bush even made money
on the aircraft carrier his unelected son
named after him. He taught
Dan Quayle also how to war profiteer.
Dan Quayle of Cerberus hopes to
take over where megathief construction
firm Bechtel left off in Iraq. which also includes
fellow war profiteer former PM
John Major.

Bush besides genocidal war crimes
is guilty of treason for negotiating
with James Wolsey and another arms
merchant from Iran to keep American
POW's in prison until the fall elections.
This meeting occurred March 12, 1980.

The latest report on radio
today is that he personally
profited from the aircraft
carrier which cost 6 billion

United Defense, a major weapons maker that is owned by the Carlyle Group, an
investment firm that keeps the President's father, George Herbert Walker Bush,
on its payroll.


Russell Crowe has hundreds of millions of fans, this poster included, for his
charismatic magnetism and for his brilliant acting.

That said, there is a relationship between objectifying cows on
a cattle ranch... and acts of personal violence.

A diet devoid of adrenalin (anger hormone) saturated animal flesh
makes one more peaceful.

Sopranos, 24, GE, MSNBC, Time Warner

Sopranos, 24 are 2 very violent shows
advertised or produced by GE's MSNBC, Time Warner


grey cars are a safety hazard at dusk... they are less visible than other cars
because their color blends in
with the horizon




Edwin Hall has been arrested
for the murder of Kansas' 18 year
old Kelsey Smith. His Rupert Murdoch
Myspace profile said he loved
to eat children and hurt small

In a poll reported on Air America,
63% of young Indian men want virgin
bride, but many of those men
have had sex with prostitutes,
thus opening their mates to AIDS,
syphilis, etc.

The Green River killer,
Gary Ridgway, who murdered at least
48 women, had been a hunter. Many
serial killers have been hunters,
butchers, livestock farmers,
lab researchers, or trained in
killing in the military. These men have
had an environment in which
the natural repugnance for violence
was programmed out of them
by elders. Others were so often abused physically and emotionally
as children by a parent, sibling, school yard bully etc. that
hatred became forged into steel. Still others are victims of antidepressants
such as Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac which reduce
the flow of blood to the brain and cause homicide and suicide.
4 Marines killed their wives under the influence of Roche's Lariam. Alcohol
can remove the restraints which
keep violent thoughts from becoming
violent words and actions.

Profilers looking for him listed
-- "He did enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Gino Duarte,
neighbor, said Ridgway seemed only interested in discussing hunting.
Ridgway would tell him about how he and a brother liked to hunt in the
mountains. "

The prosecutor had arranged
that the families of his victims
be able to confront him.

One by one they stood up and
attacked him, as he sat stonefaced.

Robert Rule, a white-bearded man with gentle eyes who works as a mall
Santa Claus each year said

"Mr. Ridgway, there are people here who hate you," said Rule, whose 16-
year-old daughter, Linda, was killed in 1982. "I'm not one of them. I
forgive you for what you've done."

As Ridgway gazed at Rule, Ridgway's lips began to tremble. He started
to cry and quickly turned away to wipe his eyes.

Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer,
Dr Michael Swango who trained on animals at Ohio State medical school
and killed over 100, Francis Sweeney,
a Cleveland physician discovered but
not apprehended by E. Ness
.... some of
the many vivisector serial killers.

Time Warner and other cable companies
teaching children to hunt are
also culpable when hunters
kill serially.

Jeffrey Dahmer and Michael Ross,
2 serial killers who became
Christians in prison. One
was executed by another prisoner, while
the other was murdered by the
state of Connecticut.

Dahmer: If a person doesn't think
there is a God to be accountable
to, what is the point of modifying
ones behavior. That's what I
thought before becoming a Christian.

Dahmer: I did not enjoy the killing.
It was a means to an end.
I wanted to make these men
(drug induced) zombies to have
total control of them. The cannibalism
was a way, I thought, of keeping
them with me permanently.
Dahmer's parents suffered immeasurably. His father said that
he was a happy child til 3 l/2 when
he had a double hernia and expressed
a fear to his father than his organ
had been cut off.

A military sharpshooter in Cheyenne, Wyoming, reported
national news, is suspected of
gunning down his estranged wife

-s shriver-

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