When there’s no hope to run to, I’ll make one of my own by myself

In each situation I face, I reach forth for guidance by there is no one else

You can’t count on anyone to save you all the time

Not when staying true to friendship isn’t really on their minds

Who should I turn to?

False friends often mistaken as enemies; It seems mostly everyone would expect you to lose.

I’m not going to yield under the high expectations of failing nor start to cry

Exchanging gazes with the world’s unfamiliar faces, I’m not the typical girl people would like

I have barely anyone to run to when here I stand at an all-time low

The mental pressure becomes dense … even when reality sometimes makes no common sense to just quit and go

They can be the judging critics meanwhile I’m the lowly underdog trying to prove her worth

All I really want to achieve success in proving others wrong first

But is that all a dream?

Not all things aren’t what it seems

 A dreamer’s ambition is what drives us to continue on in the struggle

It empowered me myself, always wanting to catch my dreams with yearning actions operating what I feel are right  through trouble




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