Madhanala Shaila Prasad

Let not be moved one,

Nothing leaves you insane,

Critics may demean you more.

when you grow wilder,

things will grow little sober.

Nothing can stop you,

Nor can destroy you.

Louder your work,

will shorter your concerns for others.   

Rejoice yourself in delight,

Sober not in hurdles,

As driving motives may change,

but not dreams once occupy,

they remain, ever same.

Memories may live long,

but critics’ view lives short.

Justice may delay,

but not denied,

once in full moon,

your feathers may catch the sky,

still critics speaks do around.  



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Flying in the Sky!

I am not flying in the sky!

But my mind certainly is!

It is hanging around the floating clouds,

The far-off stars and the mystifying galaxies!


There is a reason behind such feeling,

Indeed the theory of cause and effect is here,

But I do not feel like sharing the reason now,

Please let me myself endear!    


Much have I waited for the M O M E N T,


Much have I prayed to God for that amusement!

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Twinkle Of Delight

Mate Love




There's a twinkle of delight...

an allknowing bright

in his everpresent

kind and

allloving eyelight


saiom shriver


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An Expression Of Love

I am gravely sorry
That you hold pain within you.


We share love,

Whether you choose to accept it
In your reality or not.


I am empathetic towards your pain.


I am not a psychiatrist.
I am not a psychologist.
I do not know how to control your delusions,
Only you know how to do that.


I do know this.

When you can clearly see,
That keeping your mouth shut,
Instead of opening it,
Is hurting far more people
Than it is helping...'s time to open your damn mouth.



05/19/2013 10:04 AM ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all choose our delusions in life.


Our eyes when we meet open
another Space outside space
another Time outside of time—the Day

has become an immense transparency
of blue Sky and emerald Blossoms:
the original Garden.

Out of the tides of Morn, you are born
like Venus before my eyes,

your voice--

a gathering of waters that give shape
to the World. As the day enwraps our bodies
in a garment of Delight, our lips together come

to consecrate the Day.