Propagating Peace

God's Sovereignty

Propagating Peace


We can propagate peace from God, on this troubled earthly sod,

The peace of God, that we receive, when in Christ, we do believe,

A peace, knowing that God above, shall sustain us with His Love,

For from God we have tranquility, a peace, that begins at Calvary.


We will not have troubled hearts, with the peace that God imparts,

Believing in The Lord, Who died, through our faith we are justified,

As we now have peace with God, we fear not God’s righteous rod,

For in His eyes we are righteous, through our Savior, Christ Jesus.


Now, with our minds fixed on Him, God fills us with a peace within,

Focusing not on a troubled life, but, upon our Savior, Jesus Christ,

In this world filled with tribulation, we offer prayer and supplication,

Right to our Lord, Christ Jesus, then a peace from God flows in us.


Our peace inside flows to others, our beloved sisters and brothers,

Even dealing with others in life, those who don’t know Jesus Christ,

While God’s Peace fills our heart, true contentment shall not depart,

As we trust in The Lord above, we shall display His peace and love.


As we seek first God’s Kingdom, God shall fill us with His Wisdom,

Then as we truly obey our Lord, the peace of God won’t be ignored,

By others throughout these days, all for God’s glory and His praise,

So that others within our sphere life, will desire to know Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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