The Tiger And The Dragon: What India And China Can Learn From Each Other


The people of China like those of other countries are a different thing than
their nation's government. The Chinese are very industrious, compassionate,
intelligent and feed their hungry around the world. Nor does the present Indian
government reflect sufficiently the ancient ahimsa or universal nonviolence of
India's spiritual tradition of nonviolence as reflected in its Hindu, Buddhist,
Jain, Christian, and other spiritual populations.

In November 1962 the Chinese government invaded India. After a fortnight of
 fierce fighting, the Chinese withdrew. The Tibetans were not so lucky,
Chinese troops invaded Tibet in October of 1950, massacred many, destroyed
many Buddhist shrines, and have occupied the gentle land ever since.
The Chinese have made Myanmar their fiefdom, have tried to do so in Bhutan.
The Chinese government
has encouraged Pakistani development of nuclear weapons and violence toward India.
The Chinese government like that of the US spends obscene amounts on
weapons, military spending, to the detriment of the health, education, and wellbeing
of the people of their country. China has failed to act to prevent the wholesale slaughter
of Christians in the Sudan, despite its heavy influence there and wherever else
it is attempting
to control the world's metals.

China in its own country has oppressed its Muslim Uyghur
minority. 1936 population statistics number 48 million Muslims in the Chinese
population The persecution of Muslims under Chinese dynasties and under the
present government has reduced the population to under 10 million.
38 million Muslims have disappeared or left.

China has had an aggressive stance toward Japan, the
Philippines and Vietnam, continuing a 1000 year pattern of aggression to

2. The Chinese government murders 15,000 prisoners a year, timing their
executions to Chicago, Boston, European and other hospitals' requests for
transplant organs. Some report that the organs are removed before the prisoners
are murdered. India has executed 1 person in the last many years and life sentences
end after 40 years. China through
the government murder known as execution executes more people than all other
countries combined.

3. Once China and India had the same population, in 1940 both had 400 some
million. Now India has 300 million fewer people than China, without forced third
trimester abortions, without government population control.


4a China with 1.35 billion of the world's 7.1 billion people has kept India, the world's
second most populous country with its 1.2 billion people out of the UN's Security
Council. The inequity of 5 countries on the Security Council having veto power
over the will of the world's 7.1 billion people continues. How absurd that France with
63 million people and the United Kigndom with 61 million people have veto power over
the world while Brazil with 193 million people and Nigeria with 173 million are excluded.
There should be no permanent members of the UN Security Council. At present there
are no Latin American, Arab, or African countries with veto power. Four of the five
nations are predominantly white.
4a. China jails citizens for daring to criticize the government. India is the
world's largest democracy.
4b. China has political censorship on the internet as well. India does not.

5. Chinese bankers not Indian with the backing of the Chinese government are
profiteering from the immoral and illegal violence in Afghanistan. How much
money from the 4 trillion dollar Iraq War and multi trillion dollar Afghan War
has come from Chinese bankers.... ever happy to foment conflict among
competitors? Funding the unethical slaughter while not sending its own
soldiers, Chinese bankers have invested against the will of the Afghan people
in their copper mines and other resources.


6. The Chinese govt. limits no animal from slaughter and human consumption.
India has the highest percentage and number of vegetarians in the world while
cats' entrails are served in many Chinese restaurants. The epidemics in China
are from the animal cadavers consumed. While India has
470 million total vegetarians and 700 million who eat no cow flesh, Chinese
businesses even before the acquisition of Smithfield, the world's largest
pigkilling company, were killing 450 million pigs a year.
6b. Chinese farms keep bears in captivity in order to remove their organs.
Chinese purchase such organs from American and Canadian bear killers as well.
6c. Chinese dog and cat fur trade is widespread while India leads the world in
exporation of nonviolent mangos.
6d While India banned monkey export to the US because the US Navy had violated
a treaty
not to use animals in military research, Chinese vivisectors are doing hideous
to animals in many of the world's universities and are now breeding primates for
the world's offshore and hidden primate laboratories.

8. China has perhaps the world's most polluted rivers and air, though India is
perhaps second worst.

9. China represses religious freedom and censors much spiritual expression.
India is one of the most spiritually tolerant nations in the world, with tens of
millions of Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jains, agnostics, atheists living in
peace with the vast majority of Hindus.

10. India now has the more English speakers than any other country, surpassing
the US in the number. Educated Indians speak some the most perfect English on
the globe, and are much more effectively able to communicate with English
countries. And yet India has at least 30 languages, 18 of which are officially
recognized and 2000 dialects. Gujarati, Tamil, Telugi, Bengali are some.

11. Indian languages are based on Sanskrit described by an occupying British
judge William Jones as 'more perfect than Latin, more copious than Greek' , more
exquisitely refined than either. Sanskrit syllables purify the atmosphere.
Sanskrit is the only language whose characters match in pattern the vibrational pattern
from sounding the syllables. India's Ramayana, the sacred story of Rama, was written
20,000 years ago in Sanskrit

12. India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, of the Sikhs, all teaching
the sacredness of all life. In every religion, there are still many who do not
live according to those teachings.

13. Indians have great tolerance for religious diversity, with many million Muslims,
Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Christians from Seventh Day Adventists to the Catholics of
Madras and Goa.

14. India has had a woman prime minister, unlike China, the US, and most other

15. Asian Indians were excluded from becoming US citizens until 1965 whereas
the Chinese became citizens before that.

16. Chinese financiers have exported disease in food toxins such as melamine,
arsenic, drugs, high insecticide concentrations, salmonella in Chinese meat and fish

17. Chinese investment in US based war promoting media (wire services, tv, radio, internet,
magazines, newspapers etc.)  has meant censorship of unflattering news about China
 in that media.

18. Chinese entrepreneurs have a reputation for not honoring copyrights.

19. India has the world's best equipped hospital, one which is totally free and
does over 10,000 free heart transplants a year. American insurance companies
wanting to save money offer their clients an option for operation in India.
India also has several free colleges.  However China has a more inclusive health care system.

20a. Chinese owners of Africa mines have been co-responsible for the slaughter
of striking mineworkers. India has more equitable working conditions.
20b. The Chinese government and financiers are the biggest partner of WalMart,
whose 7 heirs' 90 billion dollars is more than the combined assets of 42% of Americans.
The Chinese partners of WalMart
have been complicit in WalMart's ceiling from women, unionbusting, environmental
desecration, sweatshop exploitation etc.

21 India's climate is less energy dependent.

22. China's gross domestic product is 8 trillion compared to India's 2 trillion
partly because of Chinese unethical military spending, primate breeding for labs,
mammal slaughter, trade in dog and cat fur, bear torture farms.

23. Color... a rainbow of saris, fruit tree blossoms and fruits, art.                                                  

24a. India does not steal weapons systems unlike the Chinese government.
24b  Unlike the Chinese government, India does not manipulate currency.
24c  Exploitation of American soldiers by the Chinese and US governments:
 American soldiers, children of the poor, are guarding copper mines 'owned' by China,
land which in reality ahve been stolen from the Afghan people.

25. Chinese companies have bought forest land in many African, S. American and other
countries and have been bulldozing trees and destroying animal habitat to mine metals,
export old growth forest wood to China for building,  etc.


26 Both countries have simpler transportation systems than the US.. more motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, etc. China has a more modern rail network.


27 China and India are 1st and 2nd in the world in the number of PhD's.
This is not mentioned as educational chauvinism, but an example of highly
skilled populations in computer technology, engineering, medicine etc.

28 China has more land mass than India.


-saiom shriver-

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