Monthly Archive for December 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
BlindSeer's Eyes Poem natasha 1 friendship Dec 8th
Morning Dew Poem natasha Dec 8th
THE A.F.I.A.S.W.I.L.: FOR SHE WHO SETTLES Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 8th
Meanwhile.... Poem quidseeker Dec 8th
the ceremony Poem quidseeker Dec 8th
the silence has spoken Poem ruth_x_less Dec 8th
Tears In The Dark Poem jesusismyking25 In Memory Dec 8th
A Lovechild Recycled Poem tajuta 1 Dec 8th
The Impossible Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 8th
Silence Poem ScorpioDominant Meditation/Zen Dec 9th
L.I.F.E. Lost in forgotten memories 3-9-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
Lost in today 3-13-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
Downfall 2-10-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
This time 10-03-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
Taken over 2-13-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
You never know 9-15-01 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
Who knew 3-28-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
Vow of love 6-17-00 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 9th
The Broken Road Poem denver Dec 9th
Not Ready Poem denver 1 Dec 9th
Proof Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 9th
Entrapment by a Kiss Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 9th
Starved Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 9th
Why I Write Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 9th
Falling to my Death Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 9th
My Love Poem jpwatts 1 Dec 9th
Freedom Poem kittykass Goodbye Dec 9th
Unexpected Savior Poem natasha Dec 9th
what the hell is goin on Poem nomadic love Dec 9th
ROUGH MUMBLINGS (Saddam Hussein) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
THE TALE OF TROTTER & FLY (journal #12) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
WITH CONVICTED CONVICTION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
RESIDUALS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
ATTRACTION'S KINGDOM Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
SURFACE REBUTTLE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 9th
Samson and Delilah Poem randyjohnson 1 religion Dec 9th
Thank you, God Poem randyjohnson religion Dec 9th
How special you are Poem rlbstar1 Dec 9th
DUANE Poem teresa_r Dec 9th
MY BROKEN HEART Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Dec 9th
I AM GRATEFUL Poem trivking64 1 Peace Dec 9th
Single Girl Poem yardesspoetess Dec 9th
was she or wasnt she ('my' alisha) Poem zevil Dec 9th
love me Poem zevil Dec 9th
To you my acquaintance, donor, best friend and partner, bob Poem zevil Dec 9th
its not just men that are arseholes! Poem zevil Dec 9th
so long to heal Poem 9inety Dec 10th
thoughts of my heart Poem babe1233 Dec 10th
Prayer Poem denver Dec 10th
? Poem denver Dec 10th
Until it's Gone Poem foxgloves Acceptance Dec 10th
Guardians Poem foxgloves Faith Dec 10th
Oh How great is our lord Poem geneconner2008 Dec 10th
Going home my love Poem nickkler Poetry/Writing Dec 10th
CHAPTERS IN OUR LIFE Poem nickkler Poetry/Writing Dec 10th
CLEAR CUT IRONY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
THE UNSTRANGLING OF MY DISPOSITION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
THE MODERN APOSTLE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
SPIRITUAL LURE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
LISTFUL MUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
ENTER ACTION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
BOTTLED ADMIRATION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
DEFEATED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
MY MATURING WORTH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
NOT GOODBYE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
COMMANDEERING SAD HUMOR Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
EXPRESSIVELY SENT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
CIRCUMSTANCE: THE VICTOR Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
SUMMARY OF THE CONTINUING FIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
TRUTHING OUT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
FEAR WITHOUT FEAR Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
PIVOTAL APPEAL Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
PARADING THE SLOSH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
LOGIC'S REPRIMAND Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
"My Christmas Wish" Poem passionaterider Dec 10th
Shadowed Mist Poem patons02 Dec 10th
Their Crusade Poem MatthewWayne religion Dec 10th
The Magic Of Childhood & The First Christmas Lights Poem rbpoetry Escapism Dec 10th
Nature's First Surprise Poem seatellite Dec 10th
Inspiration Poem RainDreams Dec 10th
An Influential Leader Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 10th
leitmotif Poem voighdt Dec 10th
not just a donor Poem zevil Dec 10th
Christmas Dodoitsu (1) Poem bluewave 1 Dec 11th
Christmas Dodoitsu (2) Poem bluewave 1 Dec 11th
Too much 3-26-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 11th
Time has taken over me 12-17-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 11th
The path of time 4-29-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 11th
The dark cloud 9-29-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 11th
Special someone 3-30-03 Poem Deathscompanion8 Dec 11th
One Of Kind Poem elliot_jordan2003 Dec 11th
Ink Spilled Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 11th
Rag Doll Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 11th
Poetry as a Blender Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 11th
Selfish Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 11th
Eyes like sunbeams Poem grahf Dec 11th
At Front Porch Gossip Poem Januarian 1 confusion Dec 11th
You Said Poem katie47404 1 Dec 11th
Trusted You??? Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
Should It Matter??? Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
You Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
Lost in a Daze Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
Untitled Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
I want Poem katie47404 1 Dec 11th
...did you luv me??? Poem katie47404 Dec 11th
A story of a girl called “Adia” Poem nickkler 1 Poetry/Writing Dec 11th
a frame of entrapment, rough draft Poem nomadic Escapism Dec 11th
ETERNITY, A MUSE UNDONE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
EXPOSING THE BRILLIANTLY STUPID Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
TOMALULU Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
THE LONG TRIP UPSTAIRS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
FRENCH KISSING Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
LEASING LOVE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
BRAIN DUSTING Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
JUST A THOUGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
CRADLE OF THE ASSERTIVE SOUL Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
THOUGHTS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
BEYOND THE WOOL Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
THE BECKONING OF OUR FINAL HOME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
SHALLOW SHADOWS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
CONCERN OF THE SENSES Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
MYSTIC FERVOR Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
MISBEHAVED DEMISE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
A SPECIAL FLINCH AKA ANOTHER PAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
THE SO OPINIONATED TRUTH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
THE MERIT IN AND OF MOTHERHOOD Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
HEARTY FAMILY DOOM(HUMOROUS) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 11th
My Family, My Dead. Poem rbpoetry death Dec 11th
Dying to be loved Poem searching_sky 1 Dec 11th
Can't shake this feeling Poem searching_sky Dec 11th
To Unknown Poem ser_hm2 Dec 11th
Evening Poem Sivus Dec 11th
echoing Poem 9inety 1 Dec 12th
Four 'O Clock Poem anexod Dec 12th
“You” and “I” (part-2) Poem elham 1 Dec 12th
Love that is so beautiful Poem geneconner2008 Dec 12th
Nocturnes: With A Lady Of The Night Poem Januarian 1 Abuse Dec 12th
you Poem jons_angel Dec 12th
a letter to you Poem jons_angel 1 Dec 12th
Alone in a Crowd Poem mattraby Dec 12th
The Found Poem SexyOldBAG romance Dec 12th
As we get older Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 12th
MARRIAGE FOR THE MOMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
STARKSTRUM Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
MODEL PARODY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
AT THE TABLE OF THE UNACCEPTED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
MADAME POETESS! Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
FIRST; TO THYSELF BE KNOWN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 12th
If Eve hadn't ate that apple Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Dec 12th
Faith in the Lord Poem randyjohnson religion Dec 12th
This Never Happened. Poem twisted_reality42 Drugs Dec 12th
stutter to myself Poem 9inety Dec 13th
Touching my Feet Poem breanna_shaylee 1 Dec 13th
Selena Poem denver Dec 13th
Destination: Unknown Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 13th
Beauty Erased Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 13th
Discovering the Waterfront. Poem gone_forever13 Song Lyrics Dec 13th
Call it Karma. Poem gone_forever13 Song Lyrics Dec 13th
I'm Okay Poem kittykass Angst Dec 13th
JONATHAN; THE GRUMP Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
GRIEF Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
LANDSCAPES OF HOME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
THE SHARING OF THE GIFT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
THE LOADER OF THE GAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
THE GOATS IN GROM'S FIELDS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
UNABASHEDLY CRANKY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
CHAMPAGNE SILENCE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
PORTRAIT OF A CAUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 13th
Oh Noetry. Poem ralphtheunicorn 1 Dec 13th
Your Friend Poem twincities Other Dec 13th
Don't You Cry Poem twincities 1 Song Lyrics Dec 13th
One Sunrise...One Sunset Poem cathycavalcante In Memory Dec 14th
Christmas Mourning Poem cathycavalcante Holidays Dec 14th
u remember my words Poem elche Dec 14th
machine of illusion Poem elche Dec 14th
unknown shadow Poem elche Dec 14th
simple Poem elche Dec 14th
DESTINATION WHERE? Poem emmenay Missing You Dec 14th
Dark Side Poem foxgloves Other Dec 14th
Life Is Mystical Poem foxgloves 2 Nature/Environment Dec 14th
The Taste of Rejection Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 14th
Secrets Hidden Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 14th
All I need [is you] Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 14th
Need You To Show It [love] Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 14th
All Hail Let Loose Poem greenmeadow Nature/Environment Dec 14th
Mary Jane Poem ralphtheunicorn Dec 14th
If Jesus was here Poem randyjohnson religion Dec 14th
shaky nervous Poem ruth_x_less Dec 14th
man down Poem snaps Dec 14th
Cocaine Poem anexod Dec 15th
A New BEGINNING? Poem belladonna Life/Living Dec 15th
WINTER, MADHUBALA, DAPHNE Poem emmenay 1 Haiku Dec 15th
ANOTHER SOLILOQUY Poem emmenay Abstract Dec 15th
Morning-after Musings Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 15th
not a poem Poem indian_princess Dec 15th
Visit (unfinish poem) Poem chosenjuan Loneliness Dec 15th
Coming home. Poem juliothegreat Dec 15th
Raindrops Poem kaibabe88 Faith Dec 15th
1. Already it's September / 已是九月 Poem lili 1 Dec 15th
unforgivable sin Poem madam_lasso789 Addiction Dec 15th
My Promise Poem margherit Bittersweet Dec 15th
Dirty Little Haven Poem margherit Anger NonViolent Dec 15th
Untitled Poem margherit friendship Dec 15th
Who I Am Poem margherit Bittersweet Dec 15th
Walk A Mile Poem margherit Anger NonViolent Dec 15th
The Wall Poem margherit Culture/Society Dec 15th
Stop Poem margherit Abuse Dec 15th
I Get It Poem margherit Dec 15th
Precious Moment Poem margherit Happiness Dec 15th
Silent Confession Poem margherit Hidden Love Dec 15th
Rain Poem margherit Abstract Dec 15th
Superior Poem margherit confusion Dec 15th
R.I.P. Freddie Poem margherit Tributes/Odes Dec 15th
THe HuMaN CoNDiTioN? Poem BloodShotLies Dec 15th
ZoMBie Poem BloodShotLies Dec 15th
Condition : Unbecoming Poem BloodShotLies Song Lyric Music Dec 15th
Retrograde Poem BloodShotLies 1 Dec 15th
BRaiN FooD Poem BloodShotLies Dec 15th
Reflecting on existance Poem not_an_addict Dec 15th
A Refusal to Further Critique the Wren Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Dec 15th
Alvin and the Chipmunks Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Dec 15th
Through Our Bleeding we are One Poem sacrifice 1 Dark Love Dec 15th
Personnifed Depressive Feelings Poem sacrifice Dark Love Dec 15th
Chaste Poem AskeOgBen Dec 15th
A requisition of selfdom Poem AskeOgBen Dec 15th
Theory of believers Poem AskeOgBen 1 Dec 15th
Shadow waltz Poem AskeOgBen Dec 15th
Thanks Again Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 15th
Not Perfect Poem denver Dec 16th
Bitch Stop Poem denver Dec 16th
The Nazi Poem Poem denver Dec 16th
Sell-Out Poem denver Dec 16th
Anger to the extent Poem desigre Anger NonViolent Dec 16th
ON A FOGGY MORNING IN KARACHI Poem emmenay Life/Living Dec 16th
dislike, utter dislike Poem indian_princess Dec 16th
anger Poem indian_princess Dec 16th
All I Do Poem margherit 1 Acceptance Dec 16th
A SLAP FOR A SLAP Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
PHOTOGRAPHS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
THE SATIRIST'S PAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
A VISIT FROM THE RAIN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
GATHERED DISTANCE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
A RUSE IN MUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
POLICY OF RETURN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
THE MANY ATROCITIES OF MAN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
THE BEFORE UNCOUNTED ODDITIES OF ME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
MISERY REVISITED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
THE LARK AND THE LIONESS (journal #12) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th
UNSUBSTANTIATED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 16th