stars above wish as the faint meadow lark sings

carry me off into sleep

splendid are these familiar things

brisk morning dawn breaks softly

free from your darkened slumber

but bear in mind that not far from this day

draws near the unapologetic heat of summer

merry days drifting

lounging beside grassed slopes of the unbridled


babbling in my very own mind I see roads that

should be taken as took

time spent with spirits no longer residing on

these shell less shores

what once fascinated the curious child in me

now only bores

where are the walls I so desperately need

to hold me so gently within

the turmoil crushes the blade held fondly in

my weakened hand

I am so very sorry my dear, dear blade

forgive me my most mean folly

here, let me put you back

take refuge with your tall fellow green friends

now try to be jolly

same goes for myself

wish as I might

carry me off to the morrow so to rework the

stubborn paints of this canvas of sight

the beautiful Kelly blade I will not harm

nor paint as broken

instead these all too familiar landscapes

before me I will mentally photograph and take

with me as one last impressionable token


a compartment of life that God has so

generously given to me

as well as a long memory

in which to remember it with!...............

(July 11, 1994 pm)

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