An Influential Leader

Spiritual Change

We need today an influential leader, for a nation that has gone awry,

A man who cares much deeper, about The Lord, who reigns on High,

Who is guided in all his choices, by The Creator, who rules the skies,

And not moved by political voices, causing the country sure demise.

We need a leader who is not afraid, to stand upon the Word of God,

Marching not in the political parade, but, led by God’s staff and rod,

This to lead this now divided nation, a country which all truly cherish,

Back to God’s sure Revelation, before, as a people we surely perish.

We need a leader of more courage, who will rise up and take a stand,

Pointing all, to their blessed heritage, all across this prosperous land,

A man made of truth and integrity, who stands behind his moral guns,

Through each town and every city, long after, for office this man runs.

He will need character and fortitude, to lead a nation that’s so diverse,

For, with such a divided multitude, things ahead could only get worse.

He needs a vision sound and clear, to reach all the country as a whole,

To comfort those who fall into fear, as it speaks to this country’s soul.

A leader with God’s righteousness, who will choose to do what’s right,

To take us out of this moral mess, to lead us from darkness into light.

A leader to move the hearts of men, clear across the land that we trod,

So all of the people can say again, truly we are one nation under God.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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