One Of Kind

I sit down and look around at the stars
your close to me and it's filling my empty heart
the sun shines on your beautiful face
being with you shows me that I am safe

the winter comes and it becomes dark and cold
i thank my faith i have you to hold
to keep me warm and fresh and free
it's this amazing feeling that you give to me

And i never want to slip away
always be in your arms day by day
no matter what they say and no matter what we do
there is not enough force to deny the way i feel about you

they may push us around and try to take our time
but as long as we stick together
things will i said things will be just fine

under the stars they shine
above you and I
looking in the mirror
your just one of a kind

no more unknown letters to write
we have finally found ourselves
in the middle at the begaining of an untold fantasy
but in my world all i see is you and me together
be strong be strong don't let it get you down
be strong be strong remember what you found

You Found ME Me ME ME ME eeeeeehh yeah hey!!! me Heyyy
Your Beautiful face ace ace on my cheek

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Poetry for the Lovers Soul

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