that all emotional feedback could possibly be


and the system that sustains the soul will come to

be held in some way accountable

or perhaps right and wrong will become so muddled

in each its defining stance

that the two will seem unrecognizable to the viewer

in question

hence the dead pan explanation that

'there's a fine line between love and hate'

though good verses evil must surely be vying for

first place in such clear speculation

but not necessarily so says this unaccountable

yet jaded adviser

for there can be no truly complete loss in the

not always so accessible area of love

at least not as long as both parties involved

walk away with something they each alone had not

before had

such as a strong valued lesson learned

or some hard won self confidence

no one person can be certain of his or her own

concern for self preservation verses say a

disappointing relationship

not until they too find themselves immersed in

such personally controversial matters

in deeply guarded short:

the only true worry one should keep in mind

is whether or not the 'Concern Of The Senses'

ever is/or was really there..................

(June 8, 1994am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was thinking a lot about the soul in this time of my life.

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