Never today does he do

what he can put off until tomorrow

and such a perplexing young lad

even fraud couldn't follow

but you can bet that where there is

mischief the Grump soon too there

will be

belly-aching about every little thing

that he doesn't like

as if the world was created just

according to he

I swear (even though I know I shouldn't)

that the Grump would find fault why even

with God!

no wonder, the only clear comment anyone

ever made to his finicky little ferret face


'Really How Odd!'

a classic whiner is he

the ever gutless Grump

why, he could irritate even your average

everyday dead garden stump

no ears are safe when he is about

no method or means falls so firmly on deaf ears

as his famous though quite useless Grump Pout!

the two words alone together sound quite hideous


one imagines a gagging, sickly frog as thin and

yellowed as an over watered reed

my dour yet firm promise I've kept so I believe

I'll close up shop now and go

I've shown the entire poetry reading world your

true drab misguided colors dear Grump

so you are trapped forever now

between the pen, the page and the natural poetic


sure, you have your self serving whiners agenda

where as I have my own secret tool for cutting


so, just remember

this poet fiercely exercised her right to write

as suggested loosely by the likes of

Wordsworth, Shakespeare , Byron and Henry David


(Aug. 10, 1994)

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