One Sunrise...One Sunset

Grief & Grieving

One Sunrise...One Sunset

You came into the world,

And into so many lives.

Born in peace, you took first breath,

On that day, of one sunrise.

You lived a life, so very full,

And touched so many hearts.

Your wisdom, and teachings and memories,

From us, will not ever depart.

The people you have loved,

And all who've loved you too,

Know that things are not the same,

Continuing on now, without you.

And always, on those special days,

We miss you even more.

Especially now, at Christmas time,

When we remember all those, of before.

Even though we go on, without you here,

We know you now live, in Glory.

And that its not really, the end of a life,

But a beginnning, to a whole new story.

So, toil no more, Dear Loved One,

You've more than earned your rest.

Died in peace, you took last breath,

On that day, of one sunset.

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