I bow softly to the chill of the night

as I exit yet another saddening scene

knowing no more

than I did even once before

which is absolutely nothing

the tortures of the mind come to break

free of their host

the body so wrought

who ever can be found

would be accused as fool to even think

of sitting down

and letting my evident rage teach them

some sobering form of a lesson

that no one person should ever be taught

which is

true hate with no real warrant

love with no apparent core

a romantic heart that could never

emotionally develop

but still continues to bind the

so very sore

in such unreleasable pain

surely one can spare even a faceless stranger


and determine the whole of one's life as some

sort of gain

so to abolish one's mental terrors

with one last logical kiss...................

(Dec. 4, 1994)

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